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A Christmas Gift? One Plateau!

This time last year my wife was in a brace (for 3 months) due to a fall that broke her T12 vertebra. It's a common experience that PSP progresses faster when a sufferer has a major event like a fall/broken bones/UTI/aspiration pneumonia/other infections/medication side effects/surgery etc (I will not go into the reasons here).

My wife deteriorated and could barely walk. From that time on she has ALWAYS had to be assisted by me in all transfers, using a heavy duty Zimmer frame. She became essentially wheelchair bound.

However, I am going to call this past year "a plateau", because all other symptoms have been reasonably stable or have only mildly progressed. This, to me, is a "Christmas gift".

I also consider I have another gift .........the support from all those who share on this forum!

I have no idea what the New Year will bring (coming possibly into her 6th year with PSP symptom onset). So, we'll face the challenges of each day as they present themselves. My wife has a strong Christian faith, and this Christmas season will crystallise for her the hope its message brings.

As carers and sufferers on this forum, may I sincerely wish you all "a good a Christmas as possible" under the circumstances we find ourselves.


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hi strelly

i do hope that you continue to be able to care for your wife att home as you do suuch a wonderful job - i hope you have wonderful christmas and a peaceful new year

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Thanks shasha. Take care and enjoy this festive season!


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shasha in reply to


Mr Strelley,

Good evening, May your strength continue..

My gift to you - - Remember to take a seat, relax, close your eyes, gently breathe in and out and recall the best of what is....


Alana - Western Australia

Warmest holiday wishes to you and your family, as well, Strelley. It's been an honor and a privilege getting to know on this forum, your wife's struggles, and how well you express all of it. I've learned much from you over this time; many of us our heading into 2014 in the same circumstances whether on the caregiver side or the PSP affected side. Worries about regression/s, what's next?, etc., as well as with some hope and gratitude. I am so glad in the face of something so serious, life-changing and all-consuming, we on this forum have this common bond. It's special beyond words.



Minnesota, USA

Hi Strelley

May God bless you both with peace and joy this Christmas and in 2014.

Nanna B

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Heady in reply to NannaB

Dear Shrelley

I too, wish you a very happy and peaceful Christmas. I echo all the other replies, I have learnt so much from you in the short time I have visiting this site. It has helped me enormously, knowing I'm not on my own, with your knowledge and caring , you have got me through some very dark times. Your wife was a very lucky lady, the day she met you, but she doesn't need me to tell her that.

Keep up the good work and again on the behalf of everybody else on this page, thank you so much for taking some of your very valuable time to help and support the rest of us. We all love you Tony!


Dear Strelly,

Thank you for your Christmas good wishes. You have been a wonderful contributor to this forum and a real gift to me this year. I will always remember you and be grateful for your sincere efforts to help and inform us all.

My Christmas will be very different this year as my father has has an aspiration crisis and has been in hospital for almost three weeks. He is still there and very poorly too, but comfortable, more so than for the past couple of years and now taking a little food.

What a comfort you must be to your dear wife and I am sure you feel, as I do with my father, that you wish you could do even more, that nothing you have to do to meet her needs is too much and that you are glad that you are there and able to do it for her. When one loves, it is an honour to help our loved one and a pleasure. This is something that PSP sufferers must also be made aware of. It is not a duty or a burden, but a joy to care and give comfort, relief and companionship. Yes, sometimes we get tired but we can get support from this group, take a little rest and carry on!

So yes, it is Jingle bells, Jingle bells, all the way now until Christmas Day and on to the New Year,all you cricket fanatics, watch out for the next season!!!!

Happy Christmas everyone and I hope we all have lots of good food and lots of nice little treats and presents!

Strelly, you have been one of my gifts for this year... I send you a big hug. X

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shasha in reply to Nader




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Nader in reply to shasha

Thanks Shaha, I hope we are some support to Strelly too, he seems to be so strong and competent but I expect he gets his low times like all of us. ! Season's greetings to you. X

Thank you, Strelley, for all your wise and kind and generous posts. It's a privilege to be part of this community, really. Silver linings. Have a wonderful Christmas.

Peace, Easterncedar

Merry Christmas to you "down under".


Hi Toni it seems your wife has some respite from PSP & I hope that holds for some time. I had a letter from my respiratory physician Dr Grant Waterer - he is giving up private practice & concentrating on his teaching role @ Royal Perth hospital but has a new young ?Indian doctor to take over his private practice & I shall see him late January & report back! Grant is so good & may be encountered if admitted to RPH. But I shall miss him. I don't see neurologist until April. Physiotherapy resumes in February so I'll try to get along to it. Thanks for your support thru this year. Mary

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