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Happy Day !!!

Happy Day !!!

We celebrated mums 75th birthday last weekend. She had such a lovely day. As she is on a textured liquidized diet and can no longer eat solids, breads, cakes etc I had a special cheesecake made for her. We even played catch with balloons as my daughters had decorated the lounge for her. It hurts my heart to see mum the way she is now, but this was a happy memory I can always cherish :)

Tried to upload photo but sadly I don't think it will work !

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Opps putting years on my mum!! It was her 70th Birthday!! Thanks Alana for spotting it xx


Lovely photo, and so glad it was a great day - we certainly need to cherish such days. Also thanks for your kind remarks on your other blog about catching up.

Take care.


Thanks Tony you are a diamond



hi jo jo how are you its good to see you back on track matey i wondered where you were \\ wish your mum a very happy birthday from me a bit late i know but im sure she will not mind\\\ yes its a good photo of the two of you and im sure you will look at it many times in the future [ even if you did put 5 years on your mum im sure she could do without that mate but the cake was the giveaway miss j j but i will not say anything if you dont sorry mrs j j i should say\\ well im was in a fix this week i had to get an ambulance out for my wife the other night and the lady on the switch board could \not understand my speech to her to tell her where to send the ambulance to my house\\\ i thought blood hell what am i going to do anyway i thought i will not get upset and i=explained i had psp and my voice was no good she, said put your wife on the phone and she was laying on the settee could not move her head or body and vomiting \\\[ hope your not eating your mums cake

with 70 th on it mate \\\\\ anyway in between retching i encouraged her to tell them where we lived which was done under a lot of strain i can tell you \\ to get to the point of all this drama

it was 10==45 pm when ambulance arrived and we got home at 5-30 am it was a very long night well i expect you are wondering what was wrong with her well will tell you on the next installment ============only joking well my poor wife had virtigo no wonder she could not move around the whole house was spinning around she might have trouble with her inner ear i sincerely hope not i think she has enough problems with me to last a lifetime she is gorgeous

and looks much younger than her years she reckons i stayed very calm in a crisis which made it reasuring for her \\ i take her to a specialist next week an ENT bloke\\ did you get that mate i take her to a specialist thats a switch well im sorry if i bored you lol to tears but i have been worried about her and i wanted to get it off of my chest despite the wise cracks thanks for your time say hi to mum for me and TELL her to keep going mate peter jones queenhsland australia

psp sufferer


Hey Grandpa :) Lovely to hear from you my dear friend. Sounds like you and Mrs J have really been through it. That vertigo is a nasty thing and can last for some time. Can you or have you got some carers in to help you both during this time, gotta keep you both safe, especially from falls. I do so worry about you both. My mum also ended up in A&E last week with another oesophagus spasm, as I was stuck in bed with this damn fibromyalgia my wonderful husband and daughters followed the ambulance and stayed with her the whole time as they at the hospital can't understand what mum says either and the hospital have very little knowledge of PSP. I guess I'm never gonna live that down putting 5 years on mum, laughing here as I type. I'm forever getting things mixed up, my family think its "cute", but that's polite for calling me a bloody idiot lol. It's the humour that keeps us all going.

Well done you for coping really well with getting your wife to hospital, please keep me up to date on how things are going.

Keep safe my lovely

Lots of love

JoJo ( adopted granddaughter of the amazing Peter Jones)



Hi JoJo,

What a lovely photo! So glad you were able to make your Mum's day special :-)

Love to you and your Mum

Kathy x


Thanks Kathy, it's the small things like that makes me so happy to see my mum smile and giggle, she's very poorly now and we are trying to cram lots of good days for her. I can't manage to take her out on my own anymore as she can't walk so need help. Her residential home have really got on board and have arranged to take her to two theatre trips, so lots for her to look forward to :) How are things with you my lovely?

Love & Hugs

Jo xxx


I'm not too bad thanks, hon! Mum is not so good :-( she sleeps a lot and feeding is a struggle. She can't walk at all now and is hoisted from bed to chair and back again :-(

She's still at home with dad (who is an absolute trooper!!) and the plan is to keep her there! Sounds like your Mum is in a lovely home.

take care

love Kathy x


hi kathy sorry to hear that your mum is not so good but keep your chin up and keep smiling therei is always hope glad to hear that your dad is a good bloke mate it must be tiring for him and yourself i wish you all that you wish yourself god bless you peter jones queensland australia psp sufferer


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