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Good News - Bad News

My son has turned the corner and is improving. Will come home soon but be on IV antibiotics for several weeks. My husband was transported by Rescue Squad to the hospital tonight with chest pains and a blood pressure of 219/138. I defined for someone on this blog what co-morbidity was using just this scenario as an example. Spooky! I am anticipating that he will come home tomorrow.


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caroline s well mate it looks like the whole thing is turning around for you now you just want to get your husband settled and you will feel much better im sure good luck and best wishes for you and your husband i sincerely hope that everything works out for you peter jones queensland australia psp sufferer


I'm keeping you and your's in my prayers, Caroline.



Hang in there. Looks like you've been hammered with bad things so you are surely ready for a good change in the lives of you and loved ones.



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