They told me Don had a UTI and just told me he doesn't but does have double pneumonia and is in AFIB very badly. In addition to that he has a mass in his left kidney but they have to try and get the AFIB under control before they can do anything else. His pacer did not go off which is surprising and they are looking into that as well. Someone will call me at 8:30 tonight to let me know whether he will be transferred into ICU tonight or monitor him closely tonite. Everything is happening at one time. I am going crazy.

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  • So sorry to read about all of the stressful events that have been hitting Don and you. All of what has been going on from changes in behavior , memory loss , obsessive compulsive symptoms , pneumonia , UTI , etc... are all part of the effects of PSP directly or indirectly as you're probably aware . Of course the Afib really adds insult to injury ! As agonizing as this all is , I'm thankful that given the situation , Don is in the hospital where they will do their best to pull him through . Your verbal reassurance , support and touch when you're at his bedside will mean a lot , even if you don't receive any feedback from Don.

    I'm sure that everyone who shares the HU PSP site is there with you in spirit and sending good karma your way . Know that we care and hope to hear good news !

  • They called me from the hospital, he does not have a UTI but has double pneumonia and is in AFIB, which is their main concern, trying to get that under control before attempting any other things they found. TY for your kind words much appreciated.

  • Oh Audrey I am so sorry. I wish I could be there with you. know that I am praying for you and Don.

    God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble Psalm 46:1

    Casting all your care upon him, for he careth for you IPeter 5:7

  • Amen


  • hi Audrey

    i am so sorry about

    DON mat it be better news in the next few days

    lol jILL


  • Seems more stable today jill but is forgetting things big time. Keep on sending those hugs xo

  • will do audrey

    hugs and xx to both of you

    lol jill

  • So sorry Audrey. You are going to have a tough time emotionally during the next few days even if you don't have the normal physical stuff to do. Hospital visits are very tiring as well aren't they? My thoughts and prayers are with you both and I hope the AFIB is soon under control so they can treat the pneumonia.

    Sending you a big hug and wishing we could all do more.


  • Put him a med for the AFIB which seems to be working but his heart rate is still higher than I would like it to be. Not in in AFIB now. Oxygen level low even on oxygen, assume it is from the pneumonia, but in the low 90's which is acceptable. Having said anything about releasing him, want him to have therapy of course but I would prefer he has it at home. It will depend on whether or not he can move himself up and out of bed since of course I screwed my back up royally. Between the VA and medicare, working on all of that perhaps I can have someone here 5 days a week for different things, ot, pt, nurse and aide all on different days. Hugs are always so good, back to you.

  • Just keep on hugging xox

  • Stay strong Audrey , xxhugs xx

  • I'm trying like hell cabbage. xx hugs back

  • So sorry to hear your news, were you aware of any symptoms that he was having pnuemonia?

  • No, thought he was having a UTI

  • So sorry Audrey, hope it helps to know we are all thinking of you both...

    Love and hugs....Pat xx

  • TY Pat xox

  • Hi Audrey I am thinking of you just opened my emails sending you a big hug, and a prayer. Xxxxxx Yvonne xxxxx

  • TY Yvonne, Very hectic an stressful to say the least. Keep on sending those hugs and prayers. xxxxxAudreyxxxx

  • Praying for your family.

  • TY

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