I had a bad day yesterday but was v lucky

Fell for the 1st time backwards , down 4 stairs and landed on my head on the stone floor at the bottom

in A & E fror 4 hours wih ha bad cut to the backof the head but am home wiht a massive bandage on my head / no concussion and thanks to my good neighbours and friends am ok to fight another day

painful head obviously but it emphasises my meed to move to a ground floor flat asap (see earlierblpog)]

love jill

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  • morning jillann,

    sorry to hear about your full yesterday i do hope your ok

    im glad to hear you have good neighbours ive got one

    good neighbour who will do anything for us but the one

    the other side wont even speak so shes

    no help at all, Have you had any luck trying to sell your

    flat the trouble is the houseing market isnt too good at

    the moment well i hope your head gets better soon and

    take care of your self,

    luv ray xx

  • hi ray

    thanks for your reply

    i tried to comment and lost the whole of it

    good luck for your appts later in the week!!

    i aml lucki with my neighbours and good friend ian who came to A&E (1and half hours drive from where he lives)

    He is looking afte me for the weekend

    Just got flat on the market so no viewers as yet - i shall b lucky to sell b4 sxmas

    Take care of yourself

    love jill


  • Hi Jill

    So sorry to hear of your fall and hope the headache is improving now. You are such an inspiration both to sufferers and carers alike and living alone makes it even more difficult for you. I know Tony wouldn't be able to manage living alone (but there again - he IS a man....). Just a bit of light-hearted humour to keep you going! As Ray says, the housing market is so depressed at the moment, but who knows? You may be one of the lucky ones and get a quick sale. Good luck and thank goodness you have such lovely neighbours and friends. They are what help to make the world go around.

    Take care.

    Lots of love..............SuzieQ xx

  • if your A & E is like ours, bet it was just as traumatic as the fall! Always long long waits. Hope you are feeling better x

  • Hi Jill

    I was so sorry to hear about your fall. I hope you are feeling a bit better. I know what its like waiting around A&E but it sounds like you have great neighbours and friends who are supporting you.

    Take care of yourself Jill

    Lesley x

  • Hi Jill...sorry to hear about your fall....thank goodness for friends & neighbours eh !!!! Glad it wasn't more serious than a cut & headaches, even though that's bad enough. Falling onto a stone floor is not a good thing to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Take care & keep smiling Love Hazel B xx

  • Hi Jill

    Hope you are recovering well. Good luck with selling your flat, we had to move from Spain because Tony would fall on the ceramic tiles and off the terrace, no carpets or any neighbours, so our villa is up for sale too. Now at least if I had to call an ambulance or go to A&E they would speak English and I could explain about the CBD. I'm sure they thought Tony was drunk when we went to A&E in Spain he was so shaken after he fell crossing the road and dislocated a finger.

    Take care

    Lorraine x

  • hi all

    thanks 4 all your kind replies!!

    one week on and i am much better H- not getting the glue out of my hair as yet but will be able to get it cut next week[-i have a great hairdresser who understands the problems too!)

    so i have hardly falllen at all this week but then i have been so careful.....

    Had two walks on my own with my 4 wheel frame back from the doctor's and from a parkinsons meeting - as the weather was good

    Off to a crucial rugby league match on my own tomorrow by coach (st helens v wigan )so i hope to be ok....

    i shall grab someone's arm when going to and from the ground

    whilsi i still can i am determined to get out and the chpice is either a live music night or a rugby match

    love jill

  • Hi Jill

    I hope you're well recovered from that fall, and have avoided too many more since then ;)

    Your drive, determination and enthusiasm are a great inspiration! I hope the rugby result went your way


    Fiona x

  • hi fiona,

    how r u keeping?

    i am well recovreed from the fallng backwards thank yo#

    and we won the rugby game!

    (i walked with a lady 2 the ground and her husband)

    but have to replay the same team in the sem i finao om sat ..

    so ifngers crossed

    luv jilllxx

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