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Been very busy with my new house so I'm just getting around to reporting on my orchiectomy.

Bottom line: no more Lupron. Ever. Testosterone now <5. Hot flashes short and mild. Cold flashes not a problem.

Procedure was straightforward and done at Strong Hospital here in Rochester, NY. I do wish I had remembered to discuss prosthetics with the surgeon as it never occurred to him that they would be appropriate. He offered to put them in in the future when I did remember to ask, just before surgery.

Recovery was a nightmare, but only due to indifferent after care. Someone had the bright idea that good firm pressure was needed and they used some sort of weird scrotal sling device -- like a jock strap with a hole for the penis. During recovery the strap/huge wad of gauze ended up with so much pressure it felt like my kidney was going to explode. Checking the incision (only done by a doctor and took all of 10 seconds) involved them pushing the sling pouch aside, but they never removed it or checked to see if that was the problem. Actually moving the gauze packing my have caused the whole pinching problem.

Could not get a doctor to look at me. Finally one of the surgical team stopped by on his way to work and all he said was I needed some oxycodone. So now the nurse completely ignored me while the oxy kept me from moving or speaking but did nothing for the pain.

Eventually they removed the catheter and when I went to urinate I removed the nasty gauze and sling. And the 18 hours of agony ended in that moment.

After that I was out of the hospital in a couple of hours.

Recovery was easy, although going up stairs was tender for a couple of days.

The discharge instructions said no limitations on activity and had no wound care instructions! So I guess they were ok if I wanted to do some power lifting, right? The wound on my scrotum healed in a couple of weeks, stitches dissolved.

Wrote a letter telling off the surgeon and copied my PC, Oncologist and Urologist. I had an even worse hospital experience in 2015 with my kidney removal at Moffitt in Florida and am now fighting PTSD to the point where I have problems just going to see my doctors. Sigh.

But no more Lupron. Ever.

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Please take good care Bro

Stay positive and remember exercise is a journey like a marathon so to speak. Only engage in exercise n any sporting activity when you think you and your body are ready and start slow, steadily work your way up.

My best to you Sir


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