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My oncologist agrees that I should get a PSMA scan. My biopsy of mediastinal lymph nodes was positive for PC. Previous PET scan interpretations said that it was atypical for these distant sites to be PC, well they are.

It will take a while before I can get the scan and my PSA is rising quickly. I will probably start ADT in 3 weeks. Will this interfere with the PSMA scan? If the ADT works will it stop PC sites from showing or will they still show on the scan? It is not likely that I can get the scan before ADT unless I postpone the ADT.

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Of course, do not postpone ADT. In fact, ADT increases the expression of PSMA for about a month or two before it decreases.

Since you already know you have mediastinal metastases, what treatment decision could you make based on the PET scan?

spencoid2 in reply to Tall_Allen

if it is just two lymph nodes localized radiation might be an option. my oncologist says this could be possible but that there are complications with radiation to that area so???

Tall_Allen in reply to spencoid2

I'd be reluctant to have radiation in the mediastinum - very dangerous. Especially since there is no known benefit.


What was your PSA and what is it now? That the question and your age you need the PSMA test ASAP

Why would you wait 3 weeks for ADT in the PSMA study if you were on ADT they would not take you. Best to confirm they will take you if a facility in the study program


I have a phone appointment on Monday for a doctor at UCSF then i schedule an appointment with the doctor and he will order the PSMA if he feels it is useful. then i have to schedule that. i have an appointment with my oncologist Nov 13 and the plan is to start ADT then. this was decided a while ago. i needed to get a biopsy first as ADT could effect the results of that. i have had the biopsy. i could start ADT sooner but should ask the PSMA study coordinator if ADT will interfere with the scan. thanks for suggesting that. it was suggested on this forum that it will not but it certainly makes sense to ask the UCSF oncologist and also the PSMA coordinator My PSA was virtually 0 after radiation therapy and stayed that way for about 4 to 5 years it is now around 125 based on the current acceleration rate and the last test.

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