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Penile straightening?!

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During this 18-month stretch of ADT, my penis has undergone a change from somewhat curved to definitely straighter.

Does anybody else have that experience? Just from an aesthetic standpoint, I liked the way it looked before,but I'm not complaining, because erections are being achieved on a regular basis with my Loop device, and that's the saving grace.

Knowing that I've recently realized I'm bisexual, I suppose I could say (with tongue in cheek-ish bravado), that this is just Nature's way of preparing me for top anal sex.

Who knows? At least the damn thing is continuing to respond.

7 Replies

Do you think it's the ADT or the Loop device? and do you like the Loop device?


You know, it could possibly be the Loop, to be honest. Perhaps the pull, over time, somewhat changes the shape of the erection. Certainly RP can change the shape also, I think. All too often it's a little shorter. Hopefully, by not too much.

Now, maybe this long-term effect of the Loop is something less than ideal. Functionally it seems fine. What I use is, you could say, the "raw design" version of the Loop: a simple cord, like a 6' ft phone charger with ends intact, with a loop in the middle.

It can feel a bit tight across the top of the penile base, though, after awhile. No big deal. Loosen or remove for awhile.

However, you asked *Do I like it?"

Good gracious.

It's fucking insane! Reliable, at-or-near 100% erections, on demand, is what I have with this Loop. I've been at this gadfly-kind-of hovering around thing for the last six months, with the three healthunlocked groups, especially this one, trying my best to articulate and get the group members, excited about the Loop -- that it's free, homemade, etc, yet maybe a bit crude (i.e. elegantly simple). Etc etc. No strings attached, haha.

But it goddamn works. That's what counts. And the two newbies will also. Again, penile rehab takes time and consistent effort. I still struggle with a libido that couldn't give a fuck about masturbation. But I do it anyway, confident of what will happen.

It will take some of you time to fully respond to these devices. Yet you feel the pressure they exert from the moment you put them on. You just know they will do...something. Something we all want and need. Often, and 100% if it's at all possible to achieve it.

I know. It is. I have zero T. And I am getting reliably great erections, swear to Life.

But all the while I was promoting my free device, I was completely unaware that Giddy and Xialla were both on the immediate horizon, both coming out (I kinda like that phrase) in Sept.

Knowing how powerful the Loop was, I was in a unique position to, when seeing the two new devices for the first time, immediately know their jaw-dropping potential.

I have not tried either of the new babies, but I am continuing to totally rely on the Loop to get me through the sexual gauntlet of ADT.


Alas , Giddy's release has been rescheduled for the end of October. But I'm encouraged by your comments about the Loop, which sounds similar.


Actually the Loop is much closer in function to Xialla. They both employ a pulling-back pressure approach. Xialla goes around the shaft in front of the scrotum, and pulls back with a replaceable strap that attaches with adhesive at the top of the butt crack.

Giddy is like the world's most amazing cock-ring, and also is placed in front of the scrotum, except its kind of pressure is hugging the shaft, rather than pulling backwards. Giddy, Xialla and the Loop all apply pressure without constricting blood flow -- righteous news.

So....! While you're (and I'm) waiting for Xialla to arrive, try the Loop. It sets the bar on performance, in my experience. You can't really ask for more than total reliability of great erections! This feeds the libido, which is starving for erections, for the man to feel good, to feel encouraged!

Go to my first post, "Hello everyone..." and scroll down til you see the reposted link. "The Loop -- Description and Use" gives a good set of (hopefully) simple instructions.

May you be blessed with better erections, sir!


I'm curious as to what restraints you have around doing the implant. Is it the surgically-induced loss of natural erectile ability, or is there a physical reason why it wouldn't work?


Handdrummer777. Enjoy as much as you can.


Thanks! Better times are a'comin' for ED sufferers everywhere.

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