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Penile Implants after total Prostatectomy

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Anyone have feedback about penile implants?

Would appreciate any comments ... good bad or whatever.

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I've never heard a bad report from patients. One guy had to have his readjusted. One guy said it took off half an inch.

After losing inches from having a RP, can one afford to lose more if you were not considerably long to begin with? Sheesh! πŸ˜’ Might as we’ll transition into a trainy!

Yes. Two men in my support group have had implants. They are very happy with the results as are reportedly their partners. One had implantation in October and the other in November. Number one had had ample tests; number two still healing but "test-driving" and reporting better than injections.

Got to say I'm disappointed with mine. Loss of length and girth, slightly flattened oval profile, poor angle.... But still much better than nothing and glad I had it done

Do you have to sexual feelings one has when erect (Prior to PC ) and do you have satisfying orgasms?

Orgasms are still pretty satisfying (although obviously dry) but more difficult to get there than before PCa surgery.

Since my prostatectomy (non nerve-sparing) the sexual feelings in my brain are unchanged, but they don't transmit to my cock. So although physical stimulation of my cock is still pleasurable, there is little or no connection between that area and my brain, unlike the old days when there would be a happy circle of pleasure enhancement.

The implant surgery hasn't made this better or worse, but it undoubtedly improves sexual feelings to be able to get an erection, even an artificial one, and it's more pleasurable to touch my penis and have it touched

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I hear you .... my brain is still very active and lustful ... but it doesn't connect to my cock. I am about 6 weeks post implant and would kill for a dry orgasm. Got them before with a lot of encouragement ... and made me feel like a "man." Wish I knew someone locally (Atlanta) who has the implant so we could experient together. I am not in a relationship so it's difficult to find someone to play with. I want to follow doctor's orders which is "to play with it" ... and I am an obedient patient. LOL

Thanks andrew implants are in my future but gomyt to wait for 6 months of PSA'S with ,0 antigens to make sure that cancer is not hiding in my body anywhere else. Cancer was completely contained in prostate and did not get to the lymph nodes. I'm two months out from RP and have first PSA in about 2 weeks. I tried to have sex earlier this evening but got shot in wrong place in penis(Tri-Mix). No erection resulted. With research I have done on implants I am 200 percent onboard and have told my Surgeon I am with him in his prognosis. He also mentioned that the reason for the delay and his thoroughness was if the implants were in my body and cancer came back he would have to remove penile implants and they could not be reimplanted. So I patiently wait hoping the next PSA'S are .0. Thanks for your post I'm glad to hear what you said.

Anyone having an issue with spontaneous erections ...? The mechanism seems to have a mind of its own and fills up without my doing anything. It happens at very awkward time. Thanks for the input.

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So, are you saying you have involuntary erections? πŸ˜‚ Reminds me of when I was in my teens, 20s & 30s.

Yes .... involuntary erections, but they don't go down and if you don't release the pump the "erections" hurt. Of course being semi rigid or up when cruising in a club can be an advantage ... LOL.

Granted I'm in my first gay relationship in 40 yrs, which does help libido a tad, but it's still a thrill -- having just completed 18 months of ADT -- to

experience spontaneous erections and morning wood. Can't really complain how it's turned out.

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