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Radiation Proctitis and Anal Sex?

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Three years after IMRT to the prostate and pelvic lymph nodes I had a colonoscopy and the report contained images of the procedure, two of which that showed the rectum were labeled 'radiation proctitis'. The images depicted what appear to be small red 'spider veins' and a larger area of uniformly red tissue. When I asked the nurse about these images she explained that the rectal tissue is fragile and the larger area of red tissue was where the doctor's scope may have bumped the tissue and caused a 'bruise'. Because the IMRT appears to have damaged my penile tissue - making it difficult to get and keep an erection for masturbation or penetration - I'm thinking about receptive anal intercourse, but this revelation of 'radiation proctitis' casts doubt on my thinking and raises new questions.

1) Does anyone know whether radiation proctitis get better or worse with time?

2) Does anyone here have experience with and/or tips for dealing with radiation proctitis AND receptive anal intercourse?

3) What experience do you gents have with treatments for radiation proctitis?

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Mine got better with time.

I too had a similar case of radiation proctitis. It was about 18 months after radiation ended, and was discovered by spontaneous bleeding. ( I believe the long delay is quite usual.) I was "awake" during the colonoscopy and saw the results exactly as you describe. The proctologist commented that it happens far more often than the radiation oncologists show in their reports. Anyway, he gave me some suppositories (I presume mostly steroids) which seem to have worked. There has been no recurrence. I see no reason that if you can get proper treatment to heal the abused areas why anal play need be avoided. This happened about 12 years ago, I've had several colonoscopies and other "in butt" procedures since with no reports of remaining proctitis. But, everyone is different, know yourself first.

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