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Question about anal penetration!

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A very good Sunday to everyone!

When is it wise to allow anal penetration after the RP surgery?

I have been receiving some feedback about this and I have in mind for sure not before the 3 months after surgery, but I read some people saying it should be more.

Can I get from any of you some experience on this?

I am on the second month after surgery and my recovery is being good. I am almost continente. Only suffering from ED, but seeing some signs of improvement.

Thank you, Paulo

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When i asked my Dr.about this he stated that usually you will be healed fine after the 3 months as a RP is not like the DiVince and has nothing to do with the rectum other than the prostate was removed. but be sure to reopen yourself before penitration and if there is any pain stop and wait longer.

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Paulo1968 in reply to LvGuy1

Thanks. Actually I had RP with DaVinci.

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LvGuy1 in reply to Paulo1968

My mistake. I thought RP was only thru the front and was open surgery like i had. but then the same rules should still apply. your body will let you know if it is not ready for anal sex yet. You can also always ask your Dr if it your healed enough. You seem very young according to your picture for Prostate Cancer, I hope they got it all and you have a very healthy and sexual life ahead of you.

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Paulo1968 in reply to LvGuy1

I am 49 and the picture was taken 3 years ago 😀 but so PC does not pick age unfortunately.

I feel fine now but afraid to hurt anything.

Thanks for having replied. Psulo

That is so true. I was first diagnosed with PC when i was 35 and was on active observation for 26 years and at 57 had surgery. i am now 59

If the doc says three months I believe him. I waited much longer but that was because I wasn't having any sex at all for a long time afterwards, for reasons of ED and emotional reasons, adjusting to my "new state", etc. When I finally did it was fine, maybe actually a little easier. Just take it easy, if it's with a regular partner I presume he'll already the situation, but if it's with a "stranger" be sure he knows to take it easy until you know what your limits are. And if you're not sure, wait a little longer. Good luck!

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Paulo1968 in reply to jimreilly

Thanks Jimreilly, I was very active before the surgery. I wait a couple of weeks more and see how I feel. Now Ai am feeling ok, so some time more it will do me better 😀

Thanks for your post, jim I'm 90 days past RALP with first PSA in a week. URO gave me Tri-Mix at my follow up month after surgery. Took everything. Have just now begun to feel pleasurable sensation again in anus.

I'm mostly a top but I like to flip with my partner occasionally and right after surgery everything was sensitive like flipping would never happen again. I think I will wait for 6 months and see how it feels then. There is hope. Thanks again.

I think it's all going to be up to you Paulo! If it hurts... don't do it! Moderation and just alittle at a time. Don't be surprised if you pee alittle at one time or another...golden showers I guess!!!! Lol

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Paulo1968 in reply to koiboi

Thank you Koiboi

The doctor told me 3 months before riding a bicycle, because it takes time for the bladder-urethra reattachment to heal. I can't imagine anal would be any sooner.

Thank you Michael

All, I wanted to tell you I gained courage and asked my doctor. He told me I could resume that sexual activity.

I did once already and I felt no pain. It was pleasurable as before 😀 I took some advise from here and my partner and I did it gentle. So great! Another step.

Hope it helps you too.


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davey1957 in reply to Paulo1968

Nice Paulo, glad to hear positive news on that front, or should I say back?! 😏

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Paulo1968 in reply to davey1957

Exactly 😀

Paulo, thanks for sharing your situation with everyone. it's helpful for me as i am in a similar situation. Pre-surgery i was a Versatile Top but being a bottom was always more satisfying. So the slow ED recovery is less stressful for me at this time. But nice to hear that you recovering well and getting back to normal avtivities. 😉

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Paulo1968 in reply to winwon00

Thank you winwon00 for your comment. I feel like I need to share my experience because I have learnt a lot from this forum too.

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winwon00 in reply to Paulo1968

you're very welcome and i agree this forum has been an excellent resource.

I am doing good and sensing it improving. :-)

I am wondering how anal sex feels after your prostate is removed. It was pleasurable before with the pressure rubbing the prostate, not sure what attraction it would have now. Is it still enjoyable?

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Paulo1968 in reply to Terp2017

Hi Terp2017,

After prostate removal and 3 months healing time I started slowly allowing anal sex. I can tell you I enjoy now even more...

I don't know exactly why but before surgery I felt up and then some discomfort or initial pain which sometimes prevented me from continuing the sex act. Now this is all gone and I accept more time and better the anal sex. So happier there.

Hope could have helped.

All the best!

Thanks Paulo, I'm two months out from my RP surgery, and i'e been trying to figure out if and when i could be active again.

Glad to hear of your success and i hopeful for similar success.

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Paulo1968 in reply to Tovok31

I couldn’t be any better 😊 fighting to gain enough E so I can penetrate as well.

Wish you success Tovok

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kungsholmsbo in reply to Tovok31

The injections make me really hard, and I have started to fuck ass. The erection lasts a bit more than an hour, but during that time I am able to give real pleasure to the guy. I lost a couple of centimeters after the surgery, but I am still big enough. Even better if the guy likes pee in ass, I really enjoy the orgasm then, and less mess around. I also enjoy getting fucked, and now the guys can continue as long as they wish. But sometimes I leak a bit when getting fucked really hard, but no big issue.

Thanks for your feedback.

I have the prescription from the doctor already. Just need to be brave and get them. 😊💪

Don't hesitate. I was worried before the first injection, but the feeling of a real hard on after a long time just having a limp dick was unbelievable. Needs a bit of practice , but after a couple of times you have the technics.

Thanks for your post kungs, I'm 90 days from RALP haven't tried anal yet but would like to after surgery. There seems to be pleasurable sensations returning. There is Tri-Mix so there are erections. There's hope to have anal again. Thanks again

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