Post-op anal play question

Hi, I'm Ken.  I'm a 71-y/o bi-sexual guy with recently diagnosed early stage (TNM stage T1c) prostate cancer.  Two spots were located with a prostatic MRI followed by a targeted biopsy revealing Gleason 6 (3+3) and 7 (3+4) tissue.  While the affected tissue is small and appears to be totally and deeply contained within the prostate, I've opted for surgical removal rather than radiation or hormonal treatment.  My question is directed to other gay/bi- men who have a history of penetrative anal sex play and who have had a radical prostatectomy.  I have enjoyed  anal play (including fisting) for years and would like to know what others with similar histories can share about their post-op experience.  If there is no surgical damage to rectal wall tissues, were you able to resume anal play post-op?

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  • there's been some talk (on the old site) about how long you have to wait after surgery, and I seem to remember some pretty different answers; pays to be open with your doc about what you're gonna do and when

  • the answer to your question depends on : 1) Individual differences to the quality of the surgeon and/or the extent of the disease 2)  Normally if the surgery is done right, there should be no side affects to the anal area.  The majority of men who had prostectomies, can resume intercourse.

  • Jimreilly makes an excellent suggestion...that you be totally open to your Doctor.   And Vitruv also is correct in that there should be no harm but you are indeed going to have surgery and your body will need to heal.   Common sense, a good conversation with your doctor and respecting whatever twitches and pains that you might feel will guide you as to when you can resume the pleasures of anal play.

  • Thanks for your comments.  As info, I have very open relationships and discussions with my doctors; they know of my sexuality and my experiences.  My urologist is recognized as a top doctor dealing with prostate issues, and my surgeon is also a leader in the region doing many robotic laproscopic prostatectomyies as I'm having done.  I'm very confident that I have some of the best as far as doctors are concerned.

    I've had surgeries before; the most extensive was total knee replacement, so I know there's time needed for our bodies to heal.  As we age...well, things can take a little longer than in earlier years.

    My question really goes to trying to get a feel for what others experienced.  I know many factors can affect this but I'm curious how others have done.  Thanks for the input, and hope to hear more.

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