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Surgery done next steps


Just had surgery two days ago and it went well from what the doctors say. Still in some pain from the RP but otherwise I’m doing ok. I’m now home and I’m finding the catheter to be an inconvenience and annoyance. I don’t think I would have been as prepared mentally for the surgery and what will come next without the advice and support from members of this group. THANK YOU!

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Hey Tov, So glad to hear surgery went well. The catheter part will be over before u know it.

Thanks man, how are you doing


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Thanks for the progress report, sounds like things are going OK. It's normal to find the catheter an annoyance and inconvenience. It's there to protect your urethra while it heals. Should be out soon.

Good to hear all went well Tovok.

I found the catheter the worst thing to cope with. No pain involved, but absolutelly a discomfort in daily routines of our lives. All the rest was pretty ok to handle. So you are not alone there. You will see that in a few days that is out and you will forget soon that you had that.

All the best for your recovery.

Always good to hear that others are doing well. The catheter thing is never fun but just a pebble on the road to recovery. I hope you have been guided to begin pelvic exercises and the like prior to your surgery. It is important to your quality of life going forward. Best of luck!

I’m glad it went well. I found the catheter an annoyance as well. Make sure the tube on leg bag is not to long as the first one I had was and was pushing up giving me the sensation I wanted to wee all the time. It will be gone in no time.

Glad it went well, the catheter stage is not pleasant but it doesn't last long. Things just get better now day by day!

Glad all went well... none of it is any fun, but now the healing can begin. I’m 3 years beyond surgery now and feeling almost normal again. The point is, relax and take it one day at a time. PS - kegel exercises really help with curing incontinence, but don’t worry if you didn’t do them prior to surgery. It helps, but I didn’t know and started them after surgery. It took me 6 months to drop the pads, but it all worked out. These exercises are very important.


Isn’t it funny how we think Alan this is such an inconvenience? Of course we understand. I am two months in, having the same done October 15. I’m doing well and when I look back on it even though I had a catheter for only one week, I got to sleep a little more because I never had to get up to go to the restroom. However, I am thrilled it is over with Maybe after this time Mar will be better with you. I hope so and I am sure it will be.

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