wondering about how much traffic there is on the site

I'm curious--since the group switched to this format (how long ago now?) there doesn't seem to be as much activity. Is that because this site is harder to find than the old one? or use? something else? or just a wrong impression on my part? I'm just wondering if guys who need help might not be finding where to get it.....

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  • There seems to be less. There's lots of traffic on the advanced prostate cancer site.

  • Hi there ... It may be the season. No meetings in July and August. I am personally guilty of not being as active on the site as I should, Life happens and we sometimes tend to get caught up. This exchange is no less important for people like me who would appreciate the support (Post Radical Prostatectomy), since my life has not been the same since. Having said that, I should commit to being more active on this site. Your post prompted me to consider these thoughts . Thank you.

  • Maybe it's just me. I have stayed with the regime set up 5 and 1/2 years ago with Lupron every 3 months and my PSA is 0.00 now. So I do not know so much about penis implants and running 3 miles a day and taking Casodex (which I did when I started Lupron), I just keep plugging along and listen to my cancer Doctor. Hopefully something else will come along so I keep reading Health/Unlocked and I just do not have that much to add with the newer topics.

  • We made a video to help promote our community. Please share this in all of your social media. The more of us, the better!

  • thanks Daryl--posted this on Facebook

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