Shorter Penis After Surgery???

I know this shouldn't matter as prostate cancer is, ultimately, life or death...but I just read a post about the penis being shorter following surgical removal. I'm not too big now (5.5" erect). What is your experience?

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  • I know for myself that I lost at least an inch in length but the doctor said it was not from the surgery but from not being used.

  • Thank you James.

  • Shorter. (And smaller still due to ADT.) My surgical consent for included the disclosure this was possible.

  • It doesn't get any better Yost. I have been off ADT since about July and whilst my brain came back, size hasn't. Oh well, be back on ADT next month or so anyway.

  • Hey, Ian. I'll never be off ADT anyway, so it doesn't really matter. Sorry to hear you're going ack on, but I'm glad you got a break!

  • Me too :) PSMA Scan to see the changes since the last one and then back on again.

  • ADT? What is that?

  • Androgen Deprivation Therapy (hormone therapy)

  • Androgen Depravation Therapy. Also known as hormones. 3 monthly injections that turn you into a menopausal woman but starves the cancer. Its the toughest of the treatments because of the mental and physical changes. But it prolongs our lives hopefully until a cure is found.

  • Many men say that surgery shortens their penis. Yes, that is possible. At Malecare, we suggest that all men considering surgery take a photo of their erect and flacid penis with a ruler adjacent. That way, after surgery, you can compare and know for certain if you have shrunk and to what degree. Most men in our support groups say they wouldn't mind loosing an inch or less if they gain several years of life.

  • Agreed, a cancer free life is most important!

  • It's not from lack of use! I've tried pumps, jelking and stretching exercises, everything to keep what I was left with. My doctor did say "use it or lose" so all the above have been in my "therapy" for almost 6 years now. I lost 1.5"s and have alot of "new" excess skin (almost foreskin~like) and I'm circumsized! I'm one of the few that regretted having the surgery...tho now my mind fluctuates on that. My husband and I were very sexually active and the pc sure put an end to that. My cancer call came on christmas eve 2010 just a month after I turned 54. The 6 months previous to my diagnosis were already dad died and we also had to bury all 3 of our dogs! The worst year of my far! Do you have a partner? Are you very sexually active?

  • Thank you Koiboi. I am sexually active, but don't have a partner, or even a serious boyfriend at this time. Sex is important to me and I'm sure it will be equally important to any future men in my life. I have always considered myself much more of a top, than a bottom. Guess that may change.

  • After having my surgery, I lost a little over an inch in my erection. When I asked the doctor, he said it was because the prostate is about an inch in diameter, and is about the size of a walnut. The urethra is cut on each side of the prostate and then pulled back together and attached, thus pulling on the flaccid penis. He said it is normal to lose some length after surgery.

  • Thanks Sammy! That makes sense. I asked my urologist if there was anything "unusual" about my prostate. He indicated it was very average. So I'm guessing it's about an inch in diameter too.

  • Loss of length and girth are common. Other sexual-related side effects of surgery may include climacturia (shooting piss at orgasm), Peyronie's (abnormal curvature), and dysorgasmia (painful orgasms). Here's a good discussion of surgery side effects:

    Understanding the range of risks associated with prostate cancer surgery today

  • Thank you Allen! The link you provided is very helpful. I hadn't found that website on my own, so will likely take some time to really check it out.

  • I often contribute to that site, although I didn't write that particular article. I also have my own blog called Prostate Cancer News, Reviews and Views:

  • yes, a slight loss here--I didn't measure before so my perception is subjective (haven't measured after either, for that matter)

  • It isn't lack of use it is due to the surgery. My surgeon warned me I would lose about an inch (I think more like 2 inches). If your prostate is bigger the loss would no doubt be bigger as they join everything back up. Why they can't add tubing I don't know :) But on the bright side, by stretching to join the two ends, your girth increases :)

  • Hi Ian,

    Thanks for posting. "Adding tubing" would be ideal... 😉😉😉

  • Your cock will get at least minimum 1-2" shorter. Surgical Procedure: Prostate is about 1-1.5" long connected by the urethra..north...and south...going through the prostate. THus, The surgeon removed the prostate gland in the middle....needs to connect the north part to the south part of the urrethra.....pulling IN the penis but 1-2" inches to stitch up the urethra. Result: a shorter cock.... IN addition, due to the loss of nerves, the penis girth (thickness) also atrophies,...getting thinner.. Let no one tell you differently. This is what has happened to every men in my Prostate Cancer Men's group,. You have to deal with not only a much smaller cock but also loss of erections. After prostate surgery, the ED treatments mostly do not work at all with the exception of the Injections..which do work.. but there is pain and bleeding at the injection site..

  • Thanks for your response. It's too bad the surgery isn't easier!

  • Personally, I had 7.5" long x 6" thick penis, now after surgery , with the penial injections, reduced to 6.5" long and less girth.

  • Yes, it's true and if your like me, who wasn't hung long or thick to begin with, it's pretty discouraging and humiliating! Even a 1/2 inch is a lot to lose.

  • No, the penis doesn't get pulled up, the bladder (which is heavy, especially when filled) comes down - that's how gravity works. Tissue atrophy begins immediately after surgery - loss of blood supply and lack of innervation cause it. With time the atrophied tissue causes scar tissue, making the loss permanent and causing venous leak. Penile rehab, started immediately after the catheter is removed, is the only known way to reverse the process.

  • Hi Tall Allen,

    What do you mean by "Penile rehab?" Is this routine, or do I need to figure this out on my own?

  • Good question. With some urologists, they instruct you on penile rehab - write you a scrip for a penis pump, ED meds, and trimix, and discuss how to use them all. Others leave you to wilt on the vine. IMHO, it's always the patient's job to take care of himself by raising it with his doctor. It's important to have reasonable expectations after surgery - it, and your erectile function, is not likely to ever be what it was before, even if you regain some size and potency. Of course, penile rehab is only necessary if you decide to have surgery rather than any form of radiation.

    If you're in the Philly area, I recommend you talk to Eric Horwitz at Fox Chase about HDR brachytherapy, and also to the Philadelphia CyberKnife Center about SBRT. Those therapies have about 75-80% potency retention and no size loss. Cancer control is equivalent to surgery.

  • I had Brachytherapy and and IMRT as well as a year of ADT. I definitely have difficulty getting and maintaining an erection and have lost about a half inch in length. My doctors encouraged me to masturbate regularly but my interest was low for a while especially during ADT (at which point it was 0) so maybe this was partially responsible for the changes. I can still get an erection if stimulation is great enough so i guess the mechanical side is still capable but probably at a much reduced level requiring greater focus. Now when i masturbate i can have a dry orgasm but usually do not get hard. I need something to focus me such as watching porn or constant stimulation from a partner which does not happen too often now. My husband does not have a very high sex drive and has various physical problems which limits our sex. I have no problem with erections and even multiple orgasms (as in the old days) as long as i am getting fucked. The old husband is not too good for this so we have been using a fucking machine that i designed. It is totally different from other machines as it was specifically made to be a couples toy. It can be used solo but is no where near as fun. Steve, my husband is an amazing machine operator. The machine has a little roller joystick that can control the machine with sensitivity (and power) that is amazing. Becoming a pretty much full time bottom with Steve as the top was not something i was excited about but with him controlling the machine we have had the best sex of our lives. I have a blog about the machine which can be built as a DIY project. If people think it is appropriate i will reply with a link.

  • Hi Spencoid,

    I'm not sure about the rules of the chat room, but I think guys might be excited to get a look at your machine.

    Thank you for your frank reflection on sex after your treatment. I'm more top than bottom... But maybe that will need to change.

  • the blog is at not extremely organized. the resource page has information on making your own. no one is forced to look at it. i was probably more top than bottom before treatment but certainly liked a good screwing on the receiving end. Sex with Steve controlling the machine is truly the best stimulation i have ever received. Makes me much less concerned about my limited topping abilities now. I started building machines well before my diagnosis. Not sure why but i am sure glad i did, now. The machine allows you to be a super top in case you have a partner who needs that :) Can also use two machines controlled with either one control unit or with two. I call the operation of two machines with one controller a silmufuck. Can hook up an unlimited number of machines to work together. We could get 20 PC survivors hooked up all at once.

  • It seems like most of you have noticed this shortening issue. I'm almost a year post surgery and it seems to be the same size to me. If it was going to shrink, would it have done it by now? It somehow seems cruel to add insult to injury....

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