3.5 months Post Op RP, what's next???

Hi, I'm Jeffrey. 54 years old and 3.5 months post RP. One week free of the incontinence pads!! No erections since the surgery. My partner is very supportive and thankfully I'm able to have orgasms. On Cialis 5MG daily but hasn't done anything to improve. My Urologist has said that the pump isn't recommended because of tissue damage and is suggesting injections...the thought of that...Yikes!

Any thoughts, recommendations?

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  • Yes - get a new urologist. There is no evidence of tissue damage from the pump. Quite the opposite. It brings oxygen into your atrophying penile tissue and restores it, hopefully preventing permanent penile shrinkage as well. The thought of injections is much worse than the actuality. They are very tiny insulin needles - not painful at all (although sometimes the erection is painful if there is too much alprostadil in the trimix). There's also an insertable tablet called MUSE.

    Here are a few studies you can read. If you have to use this urologist for some reason, send the links to him and ask him to comment:





    If he won't prescribe a pump (which insurance would cover), you can pick one up at a sex shop or buy it on the internet. Use it everyday!

  • Thank you so much for the advice and encouraging words. Is there a certain brand of pump that's recommended ?

  • I don't know the good brands. They are ridiculously expensive when paid for by insurance. I have one in a drawer somewhere that I used maybe twice because someone told me they were fun, and I was willing to try anything once. In spite of the "gee-whiz-look-how-big-it-gets!" effect, I moved onto other toys. I would have made a more sustained effort to enjoy it if I were in your situation. If you don't just want to use it for penile rehab, it should have a constriction band that you can roll onto the base of the shaft. That will help maintain the erection, so you can use it for sex. I don't know if it will be stiff enough on its own for anal penetration (Trimix is ideal for that purpose), but I hope you try it and let us know.

  • Have an Esteem - ErecAid System prescribed by Mayo Clinic. Have used it 3 years. Works great. Use bans for penetration. Good luck.

  • Some people respond to Viagra better than Cialis, and it wold be worth a try.

  • I totally agree with Tall Allen about using the Pump. My Urologist had me wait until the urethral connection healed but required me using the pump as part of the healing process. No regrets about doing it. OK it you go kinky and get the big tubes like in "pumping porn" yeah you could probably do tissue damage but that is not what we are talking about.

  • I went and check and my pump system ErecAid System Esteem.

  • I actually use injections. The thought of using a needle scared me so much. However, the doctors train you how to inject yourself so it isn't realy bad. In terms of an erection it's great. Basically 100 % guaranteed. The only issue is you either have to stop foreplay and go take it or take it and then announce to your partner you took it. One issue is that it can make you a bit sore in that area after the injection. The other issue is that you may be finished sexual intercourse but the erection may last up to 3hrs so if you were going out somewhere it's possible to still have an erection. A bit ackward to be walking around with a hard on when you don't want an erection. The good thing is you have a very supportive partner.

  • I just had my second penile injection appointment at the hospital from my urologist's nurse and learned to inject myself for the first time. I was intellectually onboard with the therapeutic value of injections, but terribly scared of trying. However, both times, even when I self-injected, it was surprisingly painless, and the result *far* outweighed holding onto useless fear :). My nurse was super supportive and helped me feel good about jumping this hurdle.

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