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Sexual Activity after Prostatectomy

I've seen a number of questions related to anal intercourse after prostatectomy. Generally I see folks respond that waiting around six months is a good idea, to allow for healing. This got my attention the other day and I thought I'd post for reactions. I had a CT scan done for unrelated issues, but it included my pelvic region. Noted in the report was that several surgical clips are present where the prostate used to be. I read up on the issue and found that clips are often used to ensure no post operative bleeding. Sounds reasonable to me, though I had never considered I'd have metal clips inside me for the rest of time. No big deal, I guess, but here is where I'm curious and would like feedback. The prostate is located directly next to the rectum, so I assume the metal clips are now located in the same area; very close to the rectum. Is it unreasonable to be concerned that any thrusting activity in the immediate vicinity, as would be the case with anal intercourse, might cause injury by way of puncturing flesh with forceful and repeated impact?

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I feel like I need to start with my "not a doctor" disclaimer on this one. I had clips after my RRP (2007), but I don't recall those showing up on any recent scans. Is it possible they aren't medical and dissolve over time? Anyone else know?

Is this a question you're comfortable putting to your doctor?


I'm okay with asking the doctor, but thought it easier to post here, given I'm simply being monitored quarterly for any rise in PSA (no office visits). I'm thinking these clips I have will not dissolve, given its been over two years. The research I did online indicated they are likely made of titanium.


I was concerned about anal sex after surgery. Discussed with my surgeon on my first follow-up visit. He said there were no reliable studies on this, and suggested I wait at least six months. He didn't clear me until after nine months. I scheduled a visit within two weeks of having been penetrated (my husband was gentle). There were no ruptures, nor signs of any internal disturbance. But my surgeon urged caution nonetheless.


Thank you for your response. May I assume you too have these surgical clips, or are you unsure?


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