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I want to thank the members of this group, especially Tall_Allen, for the advice and support I've received the last couple of years. After a failed trial of HIFU, with a resultant steady increase in my PSA, I had another biopsy done June of last year. The report was 8x 3+4, 1x 4+3, and 1x 4+4 out of 12 cores. My urologist recommended EBRT and 2 years of Lupron. Several members of this group offered suggestions; Tall_Allen recommended either SBRT or HDR brachy with EBRT. I followed his suggestion of using Dr. Hsu, at UCSF, for the HDR brachy, and I couldn't have been happier with this Dr. , facility, and procedure. After firing my first RO, I had IMRT done with Dr. Wahlen, at Enloe Cancer Center, Chico, Ca. He was willing to follow Dr. Hsu's treatment recommendations, including only 6 months of Lupron, and everything was finished by 12/21/20. I just got my first PSA, .05, and couldn't be happier. I know this isn't the end of it, but I'm feeling a great deal of relief...and gratitude. Thank you all!!

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And your totalT (Testosterone) at the time of PSA was?

Smallfall in reply to Justfor_

I only did PSA.

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