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ADT with psa increasing.

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Not newly diagnosed but need to post this:

I am on my 3rd round of hormone treatments - lupron 24 months, Casodex 9 months and now 9 months Eligard. Psa rising, now 1.16, doubled in 6 months.

What next I don't know. Started with Gleason 9 aggressive Cancer.

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Any metastases detected?

None via PET or MRI.

Then you can use any of the three medicines approved for non-metastatic castration-resistant PC: Nubeqa, Erleada or Xtandi

Thanks! Had not considered those. Will reasearch then ask my Onco about them.

It may betime to move on to abiratorone.

Would seem to be adding med or changing med. Mt T score rose significantly so maybe the psa relates to that?

Any Mets at dx? When was your last shot ?

Usually I have monthly shots but this time a 6 month shot. My testosterone was <5 but now 29. I feel the 6 month shot, December 28, 2020, is not as effective. No mets detected with PET Scan or MRI over the summer of 2020. Also no symptoms/bone pains.

I had the same thing happen to me with a 6 month shot. I went back to every 30 days and T and PSA went back to undetectable

Thanks for the insight/experience.

That is what I was thinking might be the case. However not due for next shot until June. So will ask for 100mg of Casodex until then and see what happens monthly.

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