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Post EBRT/ADT PSA readings

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After 28 sessions and 6 months ADT the below PSA progression has me concerned:

Sep 2021- <0.1

Dec 2021- 0.1

March 2022- 0.23

Will be meeting with my RO next week for the first time since treatment ended in June 2021. He said then that we wouldn’t talk about treatment failure unless the level exceeded 2.0 but what is he going to make of this doubling time?

Am I jumping the proverbial gun? what should I be asking him?

6 Replies
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He's right. Your PSA is expected to go up as your testosterone returns (it would be weird if it didn't). It would have to go up to over 2.0 before a recurrence is suspected.

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jazzy53 in reply to Tall_Allen

Yes, that's exactly what my radiation oncologist said when my PSA rose from <0.1 to 0.5 a year after I completed two years of ADT. (Also had eight weeks of radiation earlier in the process.) She said the elevation could represent healthy prostate cells waking up after treatment and releasing PSA as they normally do. She's going to test me every three months and not get excited unless my PSA reaches or passes 2.0.

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His Waldo, I have been having the same concerns. I finished PBT in August and ADT (Orgovyx) in November. While on ADT my PSA was undetectable. 6 weeks later my testosterone was back and PSA up to 0.2 and 6 weeks after that 0.4. I got the same advice from both RO and MO, so will continue to monitor PSA at 3 month intervals. It is nerve wracking waiting for the curve to level off. Best of luck brother.

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Good advice above - bottom line - you still have a prostate!

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You didn't say what your testosterone was and when. That could be pertinent, I believe.

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Thanks for the post and responses. Was wondering the same thing as my first PSA test 3 months after radiation is in a few weeks.

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