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Rising PSA After Treatment

I was diagnosed in 2008 with psa of 53.4, Gleason 3+4, biopsy of 12 out of 12 cores up to 90%, possible extra capsular extension to the prostate. I underwent radiation therapy and four years of androgen deprivation therapy. My psa was reduced to ‘undetectable', for the last nine years. PSA now rising indicating a biochemical recurrence:

11 August 2017 - psa 1.65

25 August 2017 - psa 2.20

22 Sept 2017 - psa 2.35

16 Jan 2018 - psa 4.94

Does anyone have experience or advice on guidelines for restarting hormone therapy after biochemical recurrence? Success stories? New combinations of therapies?

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MC5565, have you changed your diet at all since being diagnosed with PC?


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