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A Change of Inner Space❤️☀️☮️☯️🌻🧘🏻‍♀️🕉🌈🙏

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This planet is so exquisite that offers us the stars, the trees, the flowers, the mountains, the river, the rocks, and all living things. It is a perfect place for us to start living in its beauty and joy. The life of let go is the life where nature will flow through you. You start seeing many shades of green, not just one shade of green. Your sensitivity is so heightened that you can make very subtle distinction in the green of one tree and the green of another tree; not all trees are same green and not two leaves are exactly the same green. It depends on you if you live consciously in this world. The moment you go beyond your mind, you suddenly become a mirror, then you reflect reality. Within the mind, you project reality, you don’t reflect. Mediation is one way to getting out of the mind, beyond the mind and into your heart. You will be absolutely certain that transcendence is happening and you will start seeing the beauty, the authenticity, the sincere even in those are not beautiful, not truthful. It does not matter; there’s only one important relationship is between you and your inner being.

Naturally, you can see something beautiful, but trust in it only when you start seeing that beauty everywhere, when the whole of existence becomes beauty. The ancient seers of India have described existence in two way. One way they have called satyam shimva sunderam. Satyam means truth, shivam means good, and sunderam means beautiful. This is one expression of the ultimate experience. The other way is sat chit anand. Sat means the truth, chit means consciousness, and anand means blissfulness. Both are right and it depends on you to see through reality which is subjective or through our projection which is objective. Once this is understood, tremendous changes are possible. You will not throw tantrums at others, you will become more centered, you will become more subjective and introvert. Once you are centered in your being, beyond mind, then you can see the world as is.

There is no guilt and condemnation as you don’t judge yourself and others. “Don’t judge” simply means that no action gives us the right to condemn another person. Don’t take the person’s dignity, don’t humiliate him and don’t make him feel guilty. We naturally judge ourselves because we crave for the perfection which doesn’t exist from the first place. We dwell on that imperfection and retaliate with ourselves and the whole world. This leaves us with only one idea and that is to find imperfection in everybody. How we treat others is a direct extension of how we feel about ourselves; how we treat ourselves and vice versa. Once we stop judging ourselves and accept ourselves, we will be able to accept others also because we will have a clear insight that they are suffering from the same disease. Our accepting them will help them to accept themselves. They learn the beauty of acceptance for the first time; how peaceful it feels and they start accepting others. If the entire humanity comes to a point where everybody is accepted as he is, almost ninety percent of our misery will simply disappear.

We are living in mediocre society. The reason most people get stuck in mediocrity is because they refuse to fail. The reason people refuse to fail is because they associate failure with defeat. Their fear of defeat paralyzes them to the point that they won't move forward. People are not finished when they're defeated; they're finished when they quit. Through out history, the world has been destroyed by wars. What are the causes of war? Wars are generally begun by a revisionist state seeking to take territory. The psychological root of revisionism is the yearning for glory, honor and power. Human nature is the primary cause of war as they feel it is exciting, whereas peace is boring. People indulge in personal dramas and traumas, and when they are not indulging them, life is a bit flat. If a man who has not known inner peace is forced to live peacefully, he will attack or destroy his own being. Even that will provide some excitement. Excitement is a great nourishment, but only the right kind of excitement is nourishment. The wrong kind of excitement is poison. And up to now humanity has been dominated by the wrong kind of excitement. We are surrounded so much by the mind and its turmoil, we never come to hear the still, small voice within us. There is no thought in the mind and in that nothingness, you come to know, for the first time, the taste of peace. To enjoy peace is to enjoy silence, to enjoy something that is within you and you do not have to depend on others for.

Life is a benediction if you follow and move according to the Law of Balance. When you become sad, miserable; don’t try to fight it. It is there to show there’s some misalignment on your path. Don’t dwell on it but continuously shift to gain the balance back. Just like meditation, it’s not something we do once and done. We need to keep practicing, keep breathing, one breath at a time. You succeed in being in that state of silence, peace, blissfulness so you are feeling good. Don’t ask for more. Absorb it! You have gained, now let it be, enjoy it. Live it! A true inner transformation is happening and you will see a different dimension comes to your inner space, inner being.❤️

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Good morning Gb2 ☀️😁 Hope your day started peacefully. Creatures of earth are always going to be there, they are part of nature. They shouldn’t spoil your experience of hiking. Just put some bug spray on and be alert for snakes 😂 My point is peace comes from within, don’t seek from externals to provide it. Have you heard: wherever you go, there you are. 😅 The real transformation is a change from your inner space. 😊🙏

Ok close your eyes, describe me how that private room looks like? 😊

Dont let those bugs disturb your meditation. Let them crawl over you without breaking meditation. That's when you know for sure you are enlightened 👍🙏☯️🕉

When it’s appropriate ofc, and get back to me. 😂

The more the merrier 👍

Kingdom of Ants 🐜 😂😂😂

Ants need to party too👍🤣😂

If ants get into your pants, you start jumping around. That’s an unruled movement as your own dance rhythm. Yes it’s a party 😂😂😂

That will get the party started🤣😂🤣😂

Ofc Koko likes hitting with da faxxx 😁👍

You should always spray sugar water on yourself before going into the woods☝️

Okay let’s dig deep is it pure sugar cane water or polysaccharide sugar? 🤔

Oh my I didnt forsee this dilemma😂🤣. What would you recommend?

Be Natural I would suggest. Don’t add chemical into Mother Nature 😂😂😂

Yes we should make sure the bugs arent ingesting any chemicals 🙏😅

Yes, Be kind to Mother Nature and Be aware each action we do can destroy our environment. 😊🙏

Always so thoughtful 🙏❤

The bees will enjoy you too😂🤣

Hi Jerry. Hope your day started joyfully with nature. I am the same way with nature. I realized this transcendence of the mind when I started noticing different shapes, different textures, different visions of the same object. Nature is unique just like us human. Where we focus is where we plant our seeds, one peaceful moment will create many more to come. By understanding human nature, we will rise to our highest of consciousness. Thank you Jerry for sharing your wisdom on my post. 😊🙏🕊☮️🌈

No disco singers in the woods 😅. Maybe they are out there🤷🏻‍♂️. Who knows where they are

How so?🤔🤣

It is a great place to work on your dance moves👍🤣

Yes Jerry, it’s within our own hands. 😌🙏🌺

Love this ❤️🙏❤️I'm one of those who notice the different shades of green, the shapes and sizes of the leaves and I am fascinated at a single blade of grass.. Nature is beautiful and such a gift given to us that many do not notice.. Thank you for this post.. I resonate with so much of it.. ❤️

Hi Satsuma, I’m glad my post resonates with you.❤️ The moment we can emerge ourselves into nature, the peace, calmness just arrive within us. We start noticing all the beauty around with its uniqueness. 😊🙏☮️🕊🌺

Absolutely.. Everything else is insignificant I find.. I often go the beach and relish the beauty there.. Nature is awesome.. Replenishing daily.. The changes are wonderful to see and so inspiring.. The trees speak to us who are fortunate to hear.. ❤️

I love what you said “the trees speak to us who are fortunate to hear.” ❤️Science has proven that trees are intelligent. They share water and nutrients through the networks, and also use them to communicate. They send distress signals about drought and disease. For instance: when insect attacks, they communicate to other trees to alter their behavior to survive. They are also able to communicate with their children, or offspring. These young plants which have grown from seeds are also known as seedlings. Like us human, we are fortune enough to sow the seeds of joy 😊🙏❤️

I love Trees 🌳🌲🌴 ❤️ I hug them too ❤️🤗❤️ They are amazing.. Sow the seeds of Joy.. Absolutely..

Love, Joy, Peace and Harmony are the fundamentals to our wellbeing but yet so many do not realise unfortunately..

What would you suggest 😂😂😂

Oh Koko comes to the rescue Gothenburg city 😂😂😂

Do love those Batman series, my favorite is Batman Return 😁👍

It’s the one with Michelle Pfeiffer as Cat woman and Danny Devito played the penguin. 😂

I want more positive space in my life no more negative space

I like her. She’s pretty awesome in many movies and I’m sure there’s no butter n cheese in her diet to fit in that cat woman outfits 😂😂😂

Her latest movie was French Exit, it’s alright if you wanna see it. How’s your day going? Hope you managed some good lunch for yourself. 🤗

I’m making myself some quinoa salad with tofu. 😋 Hope you practice mindfulness meditation on the road today 😁👍

Alrighty then, Happy Friday GB2 😂👍🎉🎊🎈

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focused1Reading Rabbits

Although I read and saw this as positive but taken as it illustrates the ideal . A simple overview and a simpler resolution . I could read this over and over to my sister who is going through an awful bout of mental and now physical illness . It would go over her head . Plenty of us are fortunate enough to read and absorb this . The people who it would truly benefit sometimes can't hear these words . I m sure there are some people today reading this who haven't got the capacity or strength to process this . It made me aware of how fortunate I am to have reasonable health . Mental illness is so cruel . It made me think about the power of thought but when that power is taken away we can live in a very silent isolated world .

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Kainan_li in reply to focused1

very good point. I agree with this wholeheartedly

Hi focused1, thank you for sharing your wisdom with us. Any human nature behavior concepts are considered to be examined only when we are open to them. Even some people who have mentally illness will enjoy some of it if they are seekers. There’s no limit to how much we can absorb the beauty of life, the beauty of nature. Having new perspectives is a challenge for sure. Despite everything, I’m glad you are here with us and sharing your thoughts. Cheers to you Focused1! 😁🥂☮️🌻

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focused1Reading Rabbits in reply to GreatMindfulness

Wisdom ..gosh . Must widen my door so I can get my head through it . I just love out of the box , lets explore the edges discussion . I think too much but I love to think . These posts allow people to react and I look forward to reading all the comments . There are some bright contributors on here with really interesting diverse views.

I’m very fortunate to have many these contributors to share their bright perspectives with me just like you. ❤️Everyone has their own essence to share on my posts and I welcome all. Please explore and feel free to comment. Any future topic’s suggestion you’d like to discuss, I can make post also based on my understanding and we all can share our views in the most productive and creative ways. 😁

Hey you make a very good point in the third paragraph. I feel as though sometimes I am judging myself harshly one because I want to be perfect and two, because I assume others are making judgements about me. Which I know consciously is not the case. Since they are probably thinking that way themselves or too preoccupied with some other activity. But it still gets to me a lot of the time and it definitely does pull me away from reality. Which is why my practice away from the mat is so important for me. I wouldn't be looking for imperfections in anyone and judging them for it; if anything, I would be looking at my own imperfections and see if I could relate to anyone else's. I see it as a feeling of connection and compassion.

Hi Gb3, hope your day went well with school so far. 🤗 Seeking perfection in others and yourself is a loosing game and also judging yourself and others sure cuts both way. The most important thing is investing in the relationship between you and your inner self. True transformation is a change in your inner space. It’s an on going process and we learn every day. Raise your awareness as you go. Have a wonderful Friday and weekend Gb3 😊🙏☮️🌺

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focused1Reading Rabbits in reply to Kainan_li

Love the balance of your post .

This planet sure is amazing KoKo, the beautiful countryside, nature, makes me so happy.

Alicia xxxx 💗💗🌺🌺💞💞💜💜🤗🤗🤗

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GreatMindfulness in reply to

Aweee Alicia, this planet sure is wonderful ❤️Just like you I love the sight of the countryside, the ocean, the rivers; they put me in such meditative mode when I’m surrounded with nature. I’m glad you have little time to be here with us. Enjoy the rest of your day and have a fantastic weekend with your family! 🤗❤️❤️❤️☀️🌺🌻🌈🙏xxxx

in reply to GreatMindfulness

It sure is an awesome planet, nature is just so wonderful.

I hope you get to see some time with nature soon. Just think of meditating in some woods with the birds singing around you, what could be better.

Hope you have a lovely weekend KoKo.

Alicia💜💜💞💗💗💞🤗🤗🤗💜💜💞🌺🌺 xxxx

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GreatMindfulness in reply to

Thank you Alicia 😊🙏 Tomorrow is Mother’s Day celebration in USA so I’m going to spend time with my family with lots of egg rolls 😂😂. I know it’s not in the U.K. but I wanna say happy Mother’s Day to you also for being such a loving mother to your children.🤗 They are very lucky to have you share your wisdom and care. Have a wonderful weekend Alicia! 🥰🥰❤️❤️❤️☀️🌺🌻🌈xxxx

in reply to GreatMindfulness

Hope Mother's Day is a very good one in the US, hope you're mum is enjoying being spoilt and you're enjoying the egg rolls😂😂.

Aw thank you, so lovely of you to say KoKo.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Alicia 💜💜💗💗💞💗🤗🤗xxxx

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GreatMindfulness in reply to

Thank you Alicia 🥰🙏 yes we are gonna spoil each other 😊 There’s gonna be a lot of food and because I don’t eat meat, she has to make separate egg rolls for me 😂😂. I’ll go there later on. Have a peaceful Sunday with your hubby Alicia! 🥰❤️❤️❤️☀️🌺🌻🌈🙏xxxx

that's me in the morning...

Very nice Sailor_Girl, I see you got the secret to start your morning right. ❤️Much love and lights to you! 🙏☀️🌺🌈

Great post🙏. Lots to talk about and enjoy😁❤. Most who say they are all about peace are secretly enjoying the drama and war. They enjoy the compliments and validation that they are peace loving person, but inside it's not the case. Dont let people inflate this ego that you're peaceful and virtuous. Look at the violence you have created and accept as is so you can begin change. Otherwise you will just become delusional.

“If you really want peace on earth, create peace in your heart, in your being. That is the right place to begin with and then spread.”—Osho.❤️ It starts with us, showing the true ethos! 😊🙏❤️🌻🌺

Yes, how can you expect to create peace on the outside if you are not peaceful within? Impossible, but that's what people go on trying to do🤷🏻‍♂️

Okay. Here’s the dark side of human nature.😅When someone constantly fights to achieve peace because it is such an easy way. They put themselves in the position they are good, righteous and the opponents are bad, so wrong; and the fight is outward. If they look within, the fight becomes inward, hence an inner fight war will start which is absolutely unbearable. That’s why you often find nonstop chaos in all shapes n forms around them.

That's the internal struggle. It's not comfortable to deal with. I relate it to when every hero comes to a point where they question their motives and ask themselves whether if all they're doing is worth it. The "hero" and "villain" are really operating on opposite sides of the same coin

Great analogy 👍That is why when it’s 2 sides of the same coin, the only way to let go is dropping the coin off your hand. Go within, only in silence you find true inner peace. 😊🙏

I agree, Its easier to create enemies in the world in the name of peace. That way you are not forced to look inward and see your flaws. You can feel self righteous that others are the problem and you are not. You can blame them as the reason you dont have peace.

I really enjoy reading your posts. They are very positive and healing. For me I find many themes that are speaking to me.

Thank you.


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GreatMindfulness in reply to

You’re welcome Happenstances. I’m glad you found my post resonated with you again. I’ll continue sharing my awareness with you. Have a peaceful day! 😊🙏☀️🌻

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