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Positive Wellbeing During Self-Isolation

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The Calm Corner Update Sunday 22nd March 2020

Good morning, fellow meditators,

I had a really calm and peaceful meditation session this morning, maybe because I'd seen the sun come up and listened to the birds, first thing. It's to be expected that one day will be better than another, so never judge yourself as being 'good', or 'bad'. Remind yourself that it's all meditation practice.

This might be the day that your determination wavers, so I just want to encourage you all to stick with what you've been doing. No matter how much you really feel you can't be bothered, or you'd rather do something more fun, you'll get results from regular practice.

One of my favoured meditation teachers is Jack Kornfield and the title of one of his books is, 'After the Ecstasy, the Laundry'. It's really about how you cope with the joy of eventually finding that inner peace but then have to live with it out in the everyday world on a regular basis.

But for me I always think of it as a reminder that, after the excitement of your deciding you are going to become a meditator, you have to actually knuckle down and do it, and there's nothing exciting within it, to draw you in eagerly. But the reward comes much later if you stick with it. So.... please, just stick with it!

Hang in there everybody and do feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.

Happy meditating!

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Thank you Callendersgal, very helpful and trying my best in between everything else. Keeping busy is good for me.

Enjoy your day. Xxx 😘

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I second that sassy59. It's good to be busy! xx

I timed it yesterday rather than simply guessing. Oh my! How loooong is 10 minutes when you sit and do nothing but breathe? It was interesting how my mind kept wandering off to the implications of one thing I had found out during the day. Over and over it went back to the same thing. Until that point this particular thing had been just one of the many noises in my noisy head. Interesting. (To me anyway 😀)

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Yes linda9389, it really is, and it's why I don't want to add any more time in to the meditation yet. You sort of know yourself when you've progressed to wanting and needing more as the 10 minutes is less of a chore. What you describe is absolutely typical. Any difficulty you've had, an argument say, or a problem, keeps repeating like an old cracked record (if you know what one of those IS)!

Thanks so much for that feedback. It really is important to time yourself properly, and just not to worry that the same thought keeps repeating over and over. It's a reminder that that's what happens when we aren't meditating too, but we don't notice it. And it's good for others in the group to see that much the same happens with everyone.

Have you ever had a disagreement with someone, and gone on imagining how you should have made the outcome different? (Usually with your being the victor, second time around).

That sort of thought can come back with a vengeance. Maybe tomorrow I'll post a story that demonstrates this very problem and it can be used to help you remember to try and let things go more.

Well done, and again, thanks for the feedback.

Happy meditating.

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linda9389 in reply to

Sadly I do know what a cracked record is 🤣

I'm not sure meditation so for me, it's certainly not a natural thing for me (I'm a bit busy, busy) although I suspect it would be particularly good for me and particularly just now 😍.

So I will persevere a bit longer yet. Thank you for your input 😊

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I think it's a GOOD thing that we both know what a cracked record is!

It's a fact that most people drop out of meditating eventually because it's blooming hard work to fit in to a busy schedule, and not easy to do. Even I wax and wane with my practice, but I've been doing it so long that I have the benefit of having felt that inner peace, and learned how to manage stress better.

But of course it's daft to continue if you are too busy to get any benefit or if it's a bit of a faff because you aren't seeing results.

So although I hope you'll want to stick around a while, it's a given that you only do it for as long as you want to.

Hope your day's going well, and take care.

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johnsmith in reply to linda9389

Wonderful! You are creating a map of uncharted territory. It is okay to keep going back to the same thing. You needed to. Once you would have done this without noticing that you were doing this.

You say: "How loooong is 10 minutes when you sit and do nothing but breathe?" It is a very long time. It can be very boring. Tweak it a bit. Observe how you breathe. Does the breathing remain the same? Does it change? How does it change? Just notice the little things that happen in the here and now as you sit. Notice when you mind is saying is the time up yet? Notice the bits that demand attention and return to your focus.

Celebrate the noises. They have served you well. Everyone starts their meditation from a different life journey of experience. So everyone's experience of meditation as a beginner starting out is different.

Once a long time ago I was like you sitting there wanting the meditation session to end. Now I wonder where 40 minutes have gone when sitting in with group of mediators.

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linda9389 in reply to johnsmith


Today, I sat and did some thinking. Last night, I had trouble getting to sleep.

I did some meditation and it was relaxing looking at the backyard from my kitchen table near the window. I will try to get some reading done before dinner tonight.😀👍

How’s everyone doing?

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Thanks very much for that feedback and update. Glad you’ve enjoyed your day. Wasn’t the sunshine bliss?

I didn’t manage to get out though. I seemed to be busy all day, so I’m hoping the weather will be kind again🌞

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The day has been okay even with staying in the entire day. It’s 5:10 pm here. I did an online live Zumba class with a friend who I’ve known for a few years, now. He taught the class.😀👍

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Oh that’s interesting! I’d run a mile but my sister’s crazy for Zumba and is so pining for her cancelled classes. Is this generally available to join in?

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Do you have Facebook?

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Yes I do!

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Is it okay to send you a message later on HU after dinner?

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Hi yes of course! Sorry I took so long to reply but the same sister called me and we just had a marathon catch up. If it’s too late for you now please feel free to PM any time. 👍😊

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I can do it now.😀👍

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Wait and I will send it in a few minutes.😀👍

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All sent!😀👍

So pleased to hear that it’s helping and it’s great to extend your sitting time when you’re ready. I just don’t want to scare anyone away by asking them to sit for too long at first . But if that’s feeling comfortable for you - wonderful. It’s true that some people aren’t so good with guided meditation. Glad you’re finding some benefit and thanks for the feedback.

hi Zoonie

Glad you find this helpful.

A long time ago I found guided meditations useful. I now find them irritating. It is a case of as a novice they helped and were useful and as I gained more skills the guided meditations hindered.

The itch on my nose was demanding attention and the guided meditation was telling me to pay attention to something else. My mind had wandered to some story it was running and guided meditation interrupted the story. Stories run by the mind I like to bring gently to a close, when I become aware that I am in the story, rather than abruptly to a close by the instructions of the guided meditation. No idea if this is right or wrong approach.

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I completely agree johnsmith. I always struggled with the same thing.

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