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Does anyone else feel like life is slowly returning to normal?

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It seems like slowly more people are going out and resuming normal activities. Its easier to make appointments, hospitals are slowly allowing periods of visiting hours. Has anyone else noticed people seem less nervous around each other, not passing as many judgmental looks. Do you think people are becoming more comfortable as more of us get vaccinated?

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Life won't return to exactly how it was pre pandemic though but yes lots of the usual things have reappeared and I have been rearranging the things last year that got cancelled that can be done another day to be done in due course which is progress.

I agree, it will likely never be the same as before but just sitting back and appreciating seeing people again in a normal element, seeing children playing, it is nice and it gives me hope.

Back in march I was sat in one of the little parks near where I live and it was lunchtime and a lady had said to me how it is nice to hear the children playing at the school nearby and I had said yes its great that they have the chance again.

I went into town this morning for the first time in I don’t know how long, I’m disabled and use an electric powerchair...., and yes, I think people seemed more relaxed...., I enjoyed a ride along the promenade and a hot chocolate at an outside cafe.

It is nice to be out in the fresh air again and be able to people watch and feel some sense of normalcy. I went to the grocery store the other day for the first time in several months, I was using instacart and shipt, which made it all too convenient to stay home and not interact with the world.

Hope you get to enjoy more of this with nicer weather coming.

I will still do online grocery shopping but use the small convenience shops for small things like bread and milk.

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Wow . Miss the hot drinks . Warm here too . It must be great zooming along the seafront . Lovely to hear you are out and about .

Hi RNtoBSNstudent,

I had gone to a dentist appointment a few weeks ago and the office for the waiting room area seemed to have more than just my parents and I waiting to be seen. By the time the appointment was done, there were more than 5 other patients waiting their turn. :-)

It is interesting to see how they are normalizing the processes of having people wait for their appointments, checking temperatures, separating groups of people in the waiting room. It is certainly different, but at least people are getting out there and accessing the health care that they need. During the pandemic, everyone switched to a survival mode instead of health promotional. It seemed the only people coming to the ED at the height of this were severely ill, whether from covid or a heart attack, and it didn't have to get that bad but everyone was frightened to leave their homes to seek help. I can only hope it gets better now with more safety awareness and education on the virus.

Even during covid the health services were there for those who needed them you had to insist though to get what you needed.

My dentist is still not letting patients in the waiting room.We still have to wait outside until we' re called

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Same at our doctors surgery you have to wait outside until they invite you in as there's no waiting room at the moment.

I remember last spring/summer we were fearful of allowing patients to wait in the waiting room in the emergency department, so we were bringing people back and getting them in where we could as quickly as possible. It was easier then because our volume was down so much, now we do not really have a choice but to allow people to wait in waiting rooms because people are returning to the hospital and emergency departments for help, which is great. I am glad to know people feel safe again to come out and seek care for their health concerns because there were too many cases of individuals not seeking help and suffering from their illnesses.

Are your patients distanced in the ER?

Are they being screened still?

Or do you mean things are back to the way they used to be.

That's a bit premature I think

No things won't snap back to what they used to be as it doesn't work that way.


That's kind of why I asked the question.

Waiting areas still need to be limited for safety

At our doctors surgery at present there's no waiting room and you wait outside until they invite you in.

Our local hospital is doing booked appointments for visiting times and taking temperatures when you go in.

That's the safest way to do things.

Not the same at all hospitals unfortunately, my OH just had his hospital appointment postponed yet again to October, he should have gone last October, then March now next Oct.🙁

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I am sorry to hear that. Can I ask what the appointment is for? Is it a routine procedure that maybe can be done in another outpatient office or hospital that is not as overwhelmed perhaps?

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It’s for a check up

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Does your facility/provider offer telemedicine appointments?

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No it’s a physical check up

Yes I do. In the UK we are slowly easing out of lockdown and non essential shops are now open including hairdressers. Spring is here and the weather is quite nice and sunny and I feel so much better. I have already bought a pair of ankle boots (silver) in a shop and 2 pairs of shoes in a charity shop and a handbag!

I am able to go to the pub for a meal again with my friends even if we are limited to 6 and sit outside. Some pubs have put up marquees outside which is great.

I feel like the long cold hard lonely winter is past now and I never want to go back to lockdown again. Ever.

I'm feeling a lot better now I have restarted getting out and about and bought some treats in the city centre this morning which is a step forward and off out on Saturday as well.

It's great isn't it?

I feel it's a lesson in never taking anything for granted again.

It certainly is! But I wonder how long before we do take it for granted again? Coz we will.

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Not long I bet till something happens again 👍

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Not another lockdown I hope......

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Me too 😳

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Ha ha. Apparently they brought in Chekov for the younger viewers, but they had no idea as he couldn't hold a candle to Kirk could he.

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Oh you have left the site. Was it something we said?

Time will tell!

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focused1Reading Rabbits

I have a weird physio consultation via telephone in a few weeks . I can’t travel to see my son in USA and my sister who has been in hospital is now slowly improving but can’t see her . Worst was nit being in ambulance with her 5 weeks ago and trying to phone to get info and the phone ringing out then getting someone who seemed to exhausted to speak . So no / it’s not normal for me but understand your post

I am sorry to hear about your experience with your sister. I hope we slowly move to allow visitors in the hospitals, it is better and safer for the patients to have their loved ones present to advocate for them and participate in their healing. I hope lawmakers realize that soon and we can get our patient's family members present at the bedside with them.

Yes. I have noticed a big difference this week actually. This afternoon I went into town to buy some stuff and there were lots of people sitting outside at a local pub. The closest shopping mall is fully open again too. Also I saw the usual open air market as well. The local schools are open once more. So is the town library in addition.

Since your asking....I’m in the US. Need I say more? Everything for my basic needs never changed from pre-pandemic except having to consult with my psychiatrist and therapist over phone, which is transitioning to in person now. Many of them are either quitting or contemplating quitting because of that reason and a few other changes in policy. Even though I’ll be fully vaccinated soon, I’ll keep wearing my mask at least, because there are mixed messages from our major health institutions regarding the variants that may not be as affected by the vaccines, and even though vaccinated, one could still get sick. I will wait awhile for more information before I stop wearing my mask. After our initial lockdown, most things opened back up except schools, which is changing now. It’s not in reality getting back to normal because of our inability to do the right thing. Because of that, our perpetuating is prolonging the path to a more normal life. I’m in Florida, one of the biggest perpetuators of covid. ❤️🏄‍♀️

We went to roath park on Monday and it was lovely seeing things come into bloom and I was crying as it reminded me how my father will never see the spring flowers again and never saw them before he died.

I think it's a given RNtoBSNstudent, but on the downside it's encouraging some people to be too relaxed.

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