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Positive Wellbeing During Self-Isolation

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I feel like a human being again.   Does anything help at this point?

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I feel like part of the human race again bc : I had a phone conversation with my neurologist

I am going on avonex, back to shooting myself again but only once a week-slightly better than copaxone for 20 years or so ( who is complaining? I am! )

granted I have to fill out my new form-they have to accept me, I have to receive it and yes what is my health care going to cover?

back to begging for monetary help-grants for who knows who. Oh yes the donut hole. donuts anyone?

and finally got my 3 laundry bags pick up. No dirty laundry in the hallway!

I am human again! I can not have donuts in my real life. My no cholesterol no gluten no diary diet sucks. Who is complain..ing ...me!

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Hello! It is great that you feel like a human again! It's amazing what a phone call can achieve for us mentally and I'm really glad your phone call has helped you so much. We are always here to chat to when you're feeling down or if you simply want to have a conversation :)

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Thanks I"m sad 24-7 !

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Thanks for your kind words. H E L P!

Hi jevousaime4ever,

It sounds as if this is going to be a positive thing for you. I hope it proves to be the case. It's always a buck-up to hear news that's welcome, so welcome back to the human race! (I didn't truly think you had left.... 😀)

I hope you get through the hurdles, especially the big financial one. And your laundry's getting attention. Today must be the day for some sort of celebration even if it can't be doughnuts!

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Unfortunately, I am indeed part of the human race: the good, the bad and the ugly!

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OG wish me luck. Thanks.

I'm so glad you are feeling human again and pleased posted as we are here to support each other.

I felt fed up a while ago with very bad IBS until saw a Dietician back in January, I can honestly say that's changed my life.

It's good to talk and I'm so glad you spoke to your Neurologist.

Take care and stay safe.

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what is IBS? thanks for ur kind words.

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It's Irritable Bowel Syndrome. I had it under control for many years until a bout of food poisoning in November 2018. I ended up with Diarrhoea and acute nausea every day. Since following the diet I'm so much better.

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ok got it what is ur diet like, I eat a cholesterol gluten free wheat free dairy free diet. let me summarize I was a cake-pastry-ice-cream bread ect..Now I have express coffee!

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I can eat spelt sourdough bread which I make myself. I cannot go anywhere near barley and keep away from all other wheats apart from the spelt. Can't eat peas, pea protein, soya etc etc.

I love my mocha which I make myself but it has to be decaf.

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I am so glad you feel human once again, it's positive moving forward. I should think it was a double celebration getting all your laundry done as well. Take care and have a pleasant evening. xx

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I got my laundry delivered today Gave him a $20..00 us dollars tip through the door. It is the least we can do for those workers.

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I'm sure he was very happy to receive a tip and you nice fresh laundry. 👍😊😊

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I know. He needs the money, Otherwise he wouldn't be working. Unsung nyc heroes.

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For sure and a kind gesture from you. 👍👍👍

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can I join you in complaining:) can eat infinite number of dounuts, still slim...our society can easily understand weight loss but weight gain is equally frustrating...one equally spend time stuffing one's face with no visible result.it can be health related...not fretting anymore, just accept it and move on.

I do envy you Everything I eat shows. It is such aa curse! I know you can't relate to it, It is a societal thing..judging ourselves this way.

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