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Positive Wellbeing During Self-Isolation

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Highlight of the day - Day 2 (feel free to share yours if you like!)

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Today's highlight was making some headway on organizing the house and my car - it's not finished yet, but my goal is to ensure both are easy to sanitize before and after I get some repairs done.

I've called a handyman for some things in the house, and plan to leave my car sitting for a bit before wiping it back down when the oil change gets done.

As a result, both house and car are showing improvements, and some of my favorite art pieces (all my own drawings) are now more visible! Only after I looked at the snapshot did I realize the top drawing of a bird on a branch is crooked. Oh well. That I can fix.

What was your highlight today?

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Beautiful art BTW!!

I picked a baby fawn up out of the road and carried it to safety on my walk...crazy!!

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lucky fawn! great highlight!

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I was worried a permanently scared away the mother! But I didn't. I should change my name to "Bambi Whisperer"

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I love it. I know usually they recommend just leaving them, but "in the middle of the road" was a bad place for a little fawn! One year a little one bounced onto the road and INTO the side of a car. Our barn manager brought it into a horse stall (all it could do at first was move backward), and after some nursing to health, we opened the stall. The mom and twin had been hanging around. You never saw such bouncing around and happiness when they were reunited!

What a great productive day Wallowa! I always think it makes you feel so good after some organisation! This is a lovely personal art gallery. What a lovely group your pictures make. (I wouldn't have noticed that one was a tiny bit crooked if you hadn't pointed it out). I'm not sure there were many highlights over my weekend. I seemed to have a complete lack of focus, so in the end I stopped even trying! Onwards and upwards now we are at the start of a new week. I hope that your will be enjoyable and thanks for sharing your reorganisation! 🙏😊

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thank you!

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Nice display Wallowa. xx

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happy your builder is coming too!

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