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If the 3 wise men arrived today i doubt they would hang around for very long

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In my naivety i really believed that because of this pandemic people would become kinder,more tolerant,more caring,and above all more considerate to their fellow man,but i have been proved wrong,several friends have been up in arms because a 91 year old lady has been given the vaccine before them,or any health workers,and yet it obviously was a point in making the vulnerable important and worthy,and quite rightly so,as so often the older people are put on the back burner awaiting their turn,and we should be aware that a lady of 91 has seen many terrible injustices ,and has encountered much hardship through all those years,that lady was amazing and so respectful and proud that she was the first in the UK,and my goodness what a lovely lady,she brought up a family in a time of extreme poverty,and yet her smile always came through,and her acceptance of her lot is admirable.God bless that lady.

I really despair of the selfishness of some people,and although i have health issues myself i would be more than happy for someone more needy to be in the queue ahead of me,

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Hi, Sadly, I couldn't have put it any better myself secrets. She was a lovely lady who was delighted to show there was nothing to be worried about having the vaccine. She set an example to everyone.Cheers.

Yesterday I rang the doctors up to sort out an appointment for a medication review and had waited until after busy morning surgery to ring them so the really poorly ones could get through as morning surgery is for acute cases and the receptionist had said to me I could have a morning appointment and I had said to her it isnt urgent and that I will be fine with an afternoon one so the really poorly ones can have the morning surgery times and she had said how it was refreshing to speak to someone who wasn't selfish letting the really poorly ones have their place at morning surgery and that they release the afternoon surgery slots at 3pm on a Friday so I will sort one out then.

She said how some patients have sworn at her and said some nasty things because they were told to wait their turn!

Once I had gone there and the doctor had run late and had apologised and I had said it was no problem as you can't kick someone out after 10 mins if they have received bad news and need extra support and she had thanked me for having been so gracious and understanding.

I will probably have to wait a while until I receive my invite for the covid vaccine but I accept that and that the really poorly ones take priority and I'm glad I'm not one of them.

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Three positive and caring posts, you are awesome...... When told there was an eighteen weeks waiting list to have the cataracts removed from my eyes, I was not surprised considering the ongoing pandemic, I still have vision, although it is somewhat deminished, and sometimes it affects my spelling, but you have to consider there is slways someone with more problem than yourself!

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If it was really urgent they would have dragged you into the surgery!

Its a far cry from my spoilt and selfish cousin years ago demanding Nana get her a pizza with no please or thank you and she's the same now as an adult and my friends years ago would say how I have a spoilt brat for a sister and how mean parents bring up mean kids and how I was the apple that fell far from the tree after having been brought up by extremely selfish parents like I had posted a few days ago about an incident when I was 25 when they had come to see me Friday to Monday and on the Sunday night had gone to dinner without me which was very rude!

I was hurt not because I didn't get dinner out no it was to do with how I had been treated!

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I remember at the start of the pandemic one of the experts saying we are an altruistic nation,and like you I believed it would be so.Sadly there will always be exceptions and hopefully they are in the minority. I have seen some very selfish behaviour but I try not to let it wind me up. but I remember all the kindness during the first lockdown and it was always being highlighted in the media. Unfortunately we don't get to hear about the positives so much but I'm sure there's still a lot of kindness out there. I don't begrudge people such as this lady being ahead if me in the queue. I have been shielding and will continue to be very careful until it's my turn- however long it takes.🐰

I've heard this same moan secrets22 and am disturbed by it. As though some lives are not worth protecting. If you drill down into what's being said there, it's coming from a very unpleasant place indeed, which I too thought was a mindset long eradicated.I don't think we can ever afford to forget that nature has programmed all sentient beings including ourselves for the survival of the fittest and we have now reached the point when it seems that, despite all our so called superiority because of our ability to reason, we still haven't collectively learned enough to work out that we can actually survive just as well by using that organ for good, rather than following nature at its most base.

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Well said secrets, I couldn't agree more. x

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Mum is 87 and we were chatting on the phone and she can't make her mind up to have the vaccine. I hope she will as I think she should have it but we agreed not to try and influence each other.I don't mind when I have it, (still a bit wary).

Happy to say loads of good works going on in my town, have been since the start of this.

Also my Mum has the kindest of neighbour's and I am so grateful to them.

The Government will decide the pecking order for the vaccine so no point stressing about it.

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The pandemic has made people more irritated, so this behavior is not surprising. I'm sorry for this lady :(

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We will all get the vaccine when it is our turn🤷 Sad to say there are so many things about this world that would make the three kings scarper PDQ! That is if they could even follow the guiding star through all the pollution 😪 xx

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