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Hair during lockdown.

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My hair has grown so long since lockdown i am considering wearing it up,

And thats just under my

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Ha ha ha ha! Have you thought of doing a couple of plaits with ribbons in? Once the warmer weather comes you could show them off nicely?! 😂🌸

I have clippers that I use to trim my hair and beard to one inch - when there is not an "r" in the month.My grey beard goes with the red suit I sometimes wear at the end of December - and my beard keeps my chin warm!

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Marnie22 in reply to S11m

Impressive! ☺🌸

You could try a curly perm secrets22..... 🤣🤣🤣

Imagine getting one of the curlers stuck! Ouchy! 😁🌸


😂😂 Very good. x

Lol I cut mine really short last year well just passed shoulders and it did it good I do it myself but havnt botherred much I like it now it's grown and just go through it and chop split ends off lol I've never been to hair dressers in my life but I'm lucky as it's curly hence my name lol so doesn't have to be cut perfect xx

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i am the same,i have curly ish hair,so i hack it off myself.x

Those pits would look good in pigtails. Maybe the next fashion trend🤔

Thnxs for the good laugh

Rapidly doing the pony tail look, wizard, caveman, hillbilly, big foot, or shall I do the Yul Brynner look? No Marnie, will not prance around with long plaits and ribbons, ok I remember the hippy look! but it's just not cool anymore!💇‍♂️but its dangerous trying to do the gardening with hair in your eyes all the time? 🙄🙃

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