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Hobbies during lockdown

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Hi 🙋‍♀️

I hope this works.....I am trying to add a photo of my knitted dolls done in lockdown.

This is one of my hobbies....I also knit dolls clothes for my granddaughter’s Barbie and baby dolls. I knit little hats and angel dresses for the local hospital who were so good to me when I was a patient for 3 months after a thyroid storm in 2016, which resulted in me having a thyroidectomy....it’s a small gesture....🥰🤩

14 Replies
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Awe! These are very cute and look like a lot of fun to knit!🧶 Thank you for sharing them with us. It’s wonderful to be able to do what we want and still give back as a thank you at the same time.😀👍🌈

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WOW, these look so cute, beautiful and fantastic job! Love them 😍

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Hi Foxie.

A beautiful collection, to be sure, love them.

Take care and stay safe🙂🌹

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These are great! Lucky granddaughter 😊 And lovely thing to do for the hospital .😀

Just adorable Foxie1234. What an accomplished knitter you are! So good to have an absorbing hobby in these tough times!

They are just lovely your very talented.I had a beautiful wee dog for 16 years and every year we bought her a knitted dolly or teddy for Christmas and wrapped it for her and honestly she knew it was hers she got so excited and of course the cats wanted to see what she had and they all got warned off,it was hers and she wasn’t sharing lol.beautiful well done

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They are very cute Foxie, clever you! And how nice that you can do something for the hospital xx

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They look so good Foxie, you are very talented. x

Wow, they are great 👍😊

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They are beautiful. I knit for my two grandsons and would love to knit for my granddaughter but sadly her mother has taken against us and so little one has never worn anything I made so have given up. Fortunately my other daughter in law is lovely!

The large hospital that I go to sells baby clothes in the friends shop so I am knitting some to donate.

It's been a great distraction during lockdown. Nearly finished jumper for grandson so will post a pic when it is done.

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Wow. They're beautiful, you're one talented lady x

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They are beautiful, being an avid knitter and crocheter myself I know how nice it is to have this hobby, and these are such a nice thing to knit and for such a worthy cause, really lovely well done you xx

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Really attractive tribe! Well done.

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