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Trust during lockdown and beyond.

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Putting your trust in people who already have broken that trust is like placing your hand in the lion’s mouth and expecting it not to bite you again.

If lockdown has taught me anything,it has taught me to trust no one and not to believe a word some people say,they will be all over you to your face,but tear you apart behind your back,( or maybe its just my bad luck) and in my naivety i really thought people would become kinder,but the opposite is the case.

I think ,to some people,i have been to much of an open book,and now its time to close that book. Yes,I am a sensitive individual ,but we cant help how we are made,but it does mean we are hurt more easily.

Gossipy people destroy lives ,and bullies thrive on hurting and pain,and they seem to get pleasure with their actions and have no conscience.

Keep your own counsel and disclose nothing.

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How very true secrets and a lot of it is through jealousy I have found over the years not just since covid. x

A few of my friends said independently of each other that the nasty attitude of management at my previous job towards me was all to do with envy and jealousy as in their view I was a threat to their status and cushy way of life!

Nothing surprises me about people any more Cat. Hope I haven't spoken too soon there! 😯

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Hi s c and cat I feel there are a lot of narcisstic people out there and they pretend to be nice when really there jealous and manipulative xx

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That 2 faced song by Louise from 2000 is their song!

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I'll have to dowload it pixies resting

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When isn't Pixie resting?

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When he's watching cats on TV lol zoom in on tv

Hey there. I love everything u said. Trusting people is realy hard but I think it is always good to give them a chance to reveal their true colurs so as to satisfy oneself. Sorry you had to go thru that to find the truth. Being sensitive is not bad bcz a sensitive person always put the needs and the feelings of others before them but it gud that you have learnt the truth finally.

Great answer.

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Yes I 2nd that great answer I'd rather be sensitive and nice than headless and cruel xx

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True Curly.

I have found myself how this pandemic has shown people's true colours and how for nasty people it has become a licence and an excuse to hide behind to be mean and petty over trivial things!

Hi secrets I agree my mam said everyone is guilty until prooved innocent, and she said I'm too trusting and feel everyone's like me I learned this isn't so so I now am less trusting 🌟xxx

THE BOY AND THE RATTLESNAKE (A Cherokee Indian story)

A boy was walking down a path when he came across a rattlesnake. This rattlesnake asked, ”Please little boy, can you take me to the top of the mountain? I hope to see the sunset one last time before I die." The little boy answered “No, I can’t do that! If I pick you up, you'll bite me, and I'll die." The rattlesnake said, "No, I promise. I won't bite you. Just please take me up the mountain." The little boy thought about it and finally picked it up, holding it close to his chest, and carried it up to the top of the mountain.

They sat there and watched the sunset together. It was so beautiful. Then after sunset the rattlesnake turned to the boy and asked, "Can I go home now? I am tired, and I am old." The boy picked it up and held it tightly, all the way down the mountain. He even took the snake to his home to rest overnight and the next morning the rattlesnake asked, "Please will you take me back to my home now? It is time for me to leave this world, and I would like to be at home”. The boy agreed, picked up the snake and carried him to the forest to die.

Just before he set it down, the rattlesnake turned and bit him in the chest.

The boy cried out, saying “Why did you do that? Now I will surely die.”

The snake looked at him and grinned. “You knew what I was when you picked me up”, he said.

Oh blimey....x

I love that Callendersgal, spelt out loud and clear.

How well written Amazing

That reminds me of the song The Snake by Al Wilson.

You are absolutely right Secrets. I have had two horrendous experiences, one which did involve someone who I had trusted with confidences, they turned out so nasty and falsely critical. I also would feel Covid has brought out the worst in lots of people. Some people have become suspicious and overly critical of others

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Yes,i do believe Covid has brought out the worst in people.x

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Like you, I may have learnt the lesson to keep my counsel though, to be honest, I don't much like meeting people now, was never good at small talk, but thought people would like me when they got to know me, I love good conversation, am caring and a hard worker. I'm very slightly socially awkward,but surely that doesn't mean they had a right at work to call me weird behind my back, only they used a far nastier word. I know I've posted various ways about this before. It happened a year ago, but every so often the hurt feelings rise up again. I worked oh so hard there. Now I'm not keeping my counsel enough on here ironically, sorry

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I remember when the pandemic first kicked off last March and me and my friends had gone out on an early walk and I had needed to have got a loaf of bread at Aldis so we had stopped off there and it had been 9.30 and you would have thought that the world was about to end the way people were behaving in aldi and the staff there were sworn at by customers and we had thought the carry on was ridiculous as there was no need for it!

We just took what we needed and left it at that so others didn't lose out on things they needed.

Afterwards I had gone to the pharmacy and it was ridiculous there the amount of otc medicines people were buying when there was no need to taking the supplies away from those in need!

Here we keep what we need on hand in regard to otc medicines so there's no need for us to go out and buy loads leaving others to lose out on what they need.

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The greed back then was unbelievable. My daughter's boyfriend was working part-time in a big chainstore. He said the abuse the shop staff got was unreal and many customers didn't social distance from staff either

Good morning I can really identify with what you have said in the context of my Mother

She left a violent marriage and made an independent life for herself but as she is older , there are many who sadly have attempted to defraud her

This year alone some one charged her an extortionate amount to do her face and I intervened

Her part time driver who we trusted has defrauded Mum

He came as a Pensioner begging for a job

We gave him a part time job

He asked to go for a Pilgrimage and we paid

We asked him to do a Pilgrimage on behalf of my Fa

It seems after two years , when I asked him if he had done the Pilgrimage he had lied and took our money and did the Pilgrimage for his wife

He did not give us any receipts and now is asking that my Mum promised him more money

I realise that to be so careful in trusting people and there guide

I have just told Mum if this Pensioner who claims he has little money can cheat you as it would seem he charged us more than the going rate for the Umra then anyone can cheat you

This is because we trust someone when we are at our most vulnerable

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Oh gosh,that is truly shocking,the evil in some people is beyond comprehension.x

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Good Afternoon I have been impacted with this and this has disturbed me

I have spoken to a few Muslim Priests and they all say what he us done is very wrong

I have asked Mum not to use him again and if he ask for more money , she will have to visit his local mosque and explain how he took our money for a Pilgrimage he did and find out for whom did he do the Pilgrimage for

As I did the Pilgrimage a year after the driver , the experience showed me his lies and after two years I can see what Mum has been dealing with

He worked as her driver , saw all her business dealings and is demanding money and gifts for his grand children

As she is in Lockdown, and as he refuses to have the Covid vaccine Mum has been advised not to employ him anymore

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Trully horrendous,words fail me.

I feel a lot of those pictures of empty shelves in the papers and social media were put up maliciously to wind people up and thats how the panic buying fiasco happened as the ones with limited intelligence believed them!

Truth was there was plenty for everyone if you just took what you needed and left it at that.

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