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As if lockdown is not bad enough,scammers abound.

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Every day i get calls saying Amazon are going to take £79 from my account,and another says its from the post office saying until delivery charge is paid we cannot deliver your goods,and now i just had a call asking if i had ordered a lot of electrical goods from Amazon,and would i confirm.And then another from DHF saying i owe for electricity,Its all a scam,and how these lowlife are getting away with this i do not know,and i do worry about folk who do fall for this.

Do take care all of you as robbers are everywhere.

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Scammers abound indeed secrets. This was mentioned on here a few weeks ago. These scammers need a good lesson taught them, problem is I don't know what it could be. We have a phone with a call-guard so don't get the problem but as you say, the vulnerable fall for this and get stung, it's so wicked.

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If you get such calls, take the trouble to telephone the company mentioned, or go on their website if you have a computer......better that, than getting scammed!

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If I suspect its a scam I put the phone down!

Thanks secrets22, a timely warning to always be careful and not to panic when you find you apparently owe a large sum of money, or have come into a fortune and 1001 other things now which attempt to part us from our cash! My daughter and I once scammed an online scammer and it was great fun, but the major thing is not to be taken in and take a deep breath and check, before falling for these cunning and unscrupulous people!

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I've had texts saying check your PayPal account I don't even have PayPal my mas had a recent text too about the bank and my uncle they are getting worst ☹️😊🌻🙀think mouse gone mam's in panic now tho 🤯

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Years ago we had a mouse when I lived in my old flat and I chased it out!

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Me too, no end of the blasted things at the moment! Hideous excuses for human beings!

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focused1Reading Rabbits

Pretty sad for me as those are the only voices I am hearing the most of . Mine is usually £60 from Amazon you must be in more debt than me . I am getting so used to them now but need my landline as my sister who has serious depression likes to ring me so this line so I tend to leap up and 9/10 times just slam it down.

On Friday I had a scam text from Lloyd's bank claiming that I had made a payment to someone and I have nothing to do with them so I deleted the text and thought that they can get stuffed!

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Yes I get recorded messages from Amazon Prime but immediately put the phone down. Some days it verges on harrassment. Also had emails from saying I'd bought items +++ in USA . Checked the cards I use for online purchases and nothing showed up thank goodness, but yes it's a real problem.Hope it they give up on you soon and leave you in peace.

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I get scam "from Amazon"... but, in my last bank statement, there was an £8 transaction from Amazon which I did not remember (it might have been some dietary supplement).I have the Amazon app - so, if I thought someone was ordering on my account, I could check my account.

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MadBunny in reply to S11m

I would take that up with the bank asap. I had some scammed transactions on my credit card once and the bank dealt with it very quickly.

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S11m in reply to MadBunny

Fortunately, the credit card I used on Amazon has now expired!

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That's fortunate.

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I use to receive a number of scam calls. One outfit I answered and decided to kept them on the line for some length of time, leading them on. Finally their response was: "O! go to hell". My reply: " Could you kindly direct me, as I'm sure you can provide the. directions?" It was the last of those calls. Now I receive the odd call from Amazon to which I don't speak and just put the phone down. Should they call in the future I intend to speak to them Gaelic Irish as I'm still fluent in it's use.

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MidoriVisually impaired

Are you registered with the Telephone Preference Service? You can register your landlines and mobiles with them. It only takes a couple of minutes online. It's also free.

I've been registered with them for years, and It definitely stops most of them, although ones using a recorded message get through, also foreign ones.

It takes about 28 days to get maximum protection , and if you report particularly common ones there is a pretty hefty fine for ignoring the TPS.

If you are unsure about a number, you can also try Who Called Me?, another website where you can check if it's a scam or genuine, and leave a report about it and mark it as dangerous or Harrassing.

Cheers, Midori

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secrets22 in reply to Midori

Many thanks,i will take a look.

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