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Positive Wellbeing During Self-Isolation

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Further concern in addition to Lockdown

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I hope you are all well

I would like to explain I accepted a Tenant in Junr this year and she did settle .

Now I have been told she is ill with Corona Virus.

I am worried for her welfare and as to whether she will be able to maintain her rent

She is entitled to be furloughed but this worries me as this is my main income .

I have asked the managing agent to check on the tenant by the end of the week

Secondly the little practice has the same name as a firm in London but rang I rang the London firm , thru do not acknowledge the legal practice in Derby

I will still pay and visit and see who they are and give them a copy of my CV

Life is full of Trials

17 Replies
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Well I would advise you not to travel now depending how far away you are from this law firm or legal practice! Lockdown is just around the corner and possibly most of them will work from home in the coming weeks!

Hope your tenant will get well soon Roukaya, for her and your sake!

Stay safe please ❤️

I am on furlough from Thursday, as our restaurant will be closed then! 🙏

But I do need time out as it has been very hectic 3.5 months since opening middle if July! Praying people will follow the rules now 🙏🥰🔐

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Roukaya in reply to Snowdrops_17

I hope you are well

I never realised that the tenant could be hit with Corona Virus

I think this is my main source income so it is a worry

The Practice is a fifteen minute walk so I can visit but with a mask and hand sansitizer

I hope you are well

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Snowdrops_17 in reply to Roukaya

Oh that's good, cool 😀

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Snowdrops_17 in reply to Roukaya

We just pray that your tenant will recover soon Roukaya, stay positive! I do understand as I am a tenant and have to pay rent!

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Roukaya in reply to Snowdrops_17

Thanks for your understanding

I have been a tenant for many years as well as an owner

It is difficult for both tenants and owners

I hope you can rest during the second lockdown

This is a little worrying for me but no choice but to pray for relief and to be patient

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Snowdrops_17 in reply to Roukaya

Yes, and not watching too much of news I find helps too! It's overwhelming at times, think that's why I felt uptight yesterday on my shift as well! And my left hand was hurting, well my middle and ring finger, because of osteoarthritis! 4 shifts in a row I can handle but then need a day break Roukaya! One more shift tomorrow! At least I had my Flu vaccination, bloods taken and blood pressure today and

Bonus Haircut 😂🧏

Glad as it needed tidying up!

You are a good daughter to your Mum! One day she will realise that as well!

But remember, you have your own life to live and master Roukaya! So stay honest with her and tell her when she's upsetting you!

Keep your distance for a week when that happens! Eventually your Mum will get the message!

Hey you are brilliant in what you are doing with all your study, hat off and so well done darling 🤗👏❤️

Stay strong, focussed, despite the circumstances! I think most of us here are all overcomers 🥰

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Roukaya in reply to Snowdrops_17

Thank you for your reply

I have anxiety issues so the tenant being unwell makes it even worse for me

I hope you are keeping well

I expect the four week furlough will be of great help to you

I get tired mentally at times but there us always a plus side

But we are being tested with so much at this time

If my Mum was with me I would be concerned with the impact of Covid with the both of us

She is 73 years old and a feisty independent little lady

Highly opinionated and very wilful

She is a bit of a handful at times but she the only relative who cared in her own way

I hope you keep well and rest in the lock down

in reply to Roukaya

One mate of mine who is 16 ended up hospitalised with covid earlier this year and it had hit home how no it's no conspiracy theory like some think it is as it can be very nasty if you are unlucky.

She's OK in herself now but isn't 100% well but time will help.

I'm sorry to hear your tenant isn't very well.

Thats the thing with covid is you don't like to think it can happen to you until it does and those who think it's a conspiracy theory are being extremely stupid.

With the law firm send them your cv as you have nothing to lose by trying!

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Roukaya in reply to

Good Afternoon

I hope you are well

Thank you for your reply

It is a worry the tenant being ill but all can do us wait and see

I hope your friend gets better in time

The small flat is based in London and apparently the rate of Covid is accelerating there

Plus the tenant works in the beauty industry

She has been ok since she moved in June

As for the law firm , I have reservations

The firm is called Sterling Winshaw Solicitors but when I rang the firm which has a London office , they deny the existence of the firm newly opened in Derby

I set off and brought my CV and Covering letter but as the doors are closed I returned home

Very disappointed

I can well understand your disappointment in seeking employment

I hope you are keeping well

Such hard times for everyone Roukaya and a new difficulty for you, but of course what's paramount is that your tenant remains looked after. It's good that you are worried for her, and a kindness to make sure she is receiving help from others to get by.

Don't anticipate any trouble with rent at this stage. That's worrying about something that might not end up being a worry. Let trouble come to you. Don't go out looking for it!

I agree with Snowdrop_17's advice not to travel during lockdown, even to present a CV. It's against lockdown rules in any case, and it puts you in danger you need not encounter, and could even make you into a spreader of covid-19 which I'm sure you'd hate to do.

Take care and just take one day at a time. It's all any of us can do at the momnt. 🙏

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Roukaya in reply to

Good evening

Thank you for your reply

I think today been worrying for me

I think you are very right for me to wait and see with the tenant . I have asked the agent to contact her at the end of the week to see how she is

As for the practice it is local to me but there is a problem already

I contacted their office of the same name in London and they say that they have no knowledge of any firm based in Derby with their name

I will wait and see

Also I bought some Indian snacks take away and the owner of the snack bar explained to me that her daughter is working for the firm I was interviewed for back in January this year

I felt sad knowing that she was selected because she was the right person and not me

This is why may be if at all possible I would like to pass the remaining two exams and find a years work experience to acquire the licence to practice and set up a small office

I hope you are well and thank you for listening

in reply to Roukaya

Of course you would be disappointed as it shows you were interested in a position at that firm that you didn't get.

I had an upset a couple of weeks ago when someone else got a job and I didn't.

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Roukaya in reply to

I have began to realise that I did not find into their brand image and sadly may be my age But I realise that yes it may be harder to find a job given my age but I am only looking for a years work experience and pass the two remaining exams and then by Gods Grace open up my own firm

I have worked for so many in authority who consider themselves to be God

I really at my age would like to be my own person

It is hard to keep going but the answer is always to keep going until the right person finds you and appreciates you for your value and worth

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Roukaya in reply to Roukaya

I meant fit into their brand image

in reply to Roukaya

You are putting the right spin on this Roukaya! Make this your reason for making sure you retake the exam and pass! Sometimes a little bit of envy and disappointment that someone else got the job can really spur us on to do better and succeed next time. You'll do it next time around, I'm sure! 👍

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Hi Roukaya, I do hope your tenant recovers quickly. She should still be receiving most of her income so it should not impact on any ability to pay rent at the moment. They are such difficult times presently and it is thoughtful for you to be concerned about your tenant but hopefully, she will make a full and speedy recovery. Lets hope we can all get through the next months with ease and the infection rates go down and you might be in a better position with your applications then. 😊👍🌷

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