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Lockdown schooling /fed up

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I'm 35 weeks pregnant and have 3 kids at present one teenager well everyone knows GCSEs are cancelled I'm finding it hard to even be a helping hand we get a call from the teacher about what needs to be done but I have no idea !that's right I'm absolutely clueless I mean how can I possibly know when I'm not the one attending school now they are saying all the work they do will be their gcse grade !on top of that I'm expected to log onto so many classes with my younger children including pe class and attend two weekly midwife appointments last week I had a scare so was in hospital all day I'm spending a lot of time in hospital and yes I will be having a lockdown baby by the time lockdown comes to an end I would have likely had my baby .where is my partner you ask well we are both classed as essential workers it just makes me upset how teachers think we as parents can get so much done they can't go to nursery as too old my partner works nights for a major online company what's keeping the world going and I work in essential retail that is until recently I've now started maternity leave is anyone else struggling with home schooling I hate to say it but the recommendations given to me haven't worked I'm simply not well enough or have the time to keep on top there's housework to do a tidy house is a tidy mind!I'm almost a family of 6!theres food to be cooked washing up to be done washing constantly I guess I just want to rant about the situation I'm in and see if anyone is feeling the same also son is frustrated as our internet is always down so he can't hear the classes properly it's upsetting him and me

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Feel for you. We have two great-grandchildren 8 and 6. The 8 year old attends a special school. Our granddaughter is a midwife and she had to fight for the eldest to go into an NHS pod at school. Only reason she got it is because she is a single mum she reckons.

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Aww bless Your daughter is still a midwife Part of the nhs and even they are over run due to Covid so she should get the option For them to go to school.

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No it’s our granddaughter. Her husband walked out to find himself. 😱 Our daughter helps her a lot but with lockdown we are kept well away. Quite a lot of pregnant women presenting with Covid!!

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😱aww well your granddaughter should have priority.The funny thing is I was shocked to see at my hospital you have to walk through the maternity unit for Covid testing 😧Quite a few have died in our area who are pregnant

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Think you should go on Mum's net, as there are lots of women who struggle like you especially being pregnant isn't easy! My daughter teaches in College and is doing classes online! Her 2 children are going to school as she just couldn't cope with home schooling and college teaching! On the other hand speak to the teachers of your 2 younger children! If they aware of your situation I am sure they will understand!!!

Really feel for you!

But try and relax a bit as nobody is perfect! If they learn less for a while, honestly I wouldn't care less if they were my children!

Your health and your family's health comes first! Put your feet up and relax or watch a film with your kids..... And talk to someone please 👍💞

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Thanks for your reply.id rather not go on mums net I've been on before and didn't find it welcoming full of younger mums and I'm 35 I find this place safer and less judgemental but thanks for recommending.I have spoke to the teachers they are very supportive but it's the constant messages of what to log on to and the phone calls about what have they done I feel like I'm put on the spot a bit like I'm not doing enough as most days they don't even do the work and I set my own thing And my daughter will watch the assembly on you tube.They know I'm pregnant and in and out of hospital and they will ring and ask for my son while I'm at an appointment and say there are red flags up on the system I will ask him when I get home and he will say it's been done but it's not been updated on their side so it makes it look like he's not doing anything and my son says the work is overwhelming because they send so much at once and want it done he prefers to be in normal school life but it's just not gunna happen .!

I've explained that we are working parents still and about pregnancy but they are just too strict in the circumstances I feel I know it's a worry for teachers but being on the other side of the table it's hard so hard to keep up with the demands .

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If you have more than one child - get the oldest to teach the next oldest and so on down the line - and you teach the oldest. If you cannot do the homework post it here!

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It's more than homework it's GCSEs !!and it's all online.There is so much I couldn't possibly post it on here it's all on an online forum.my oldest can't help the others he has to work 9-3 daily to keep up like a normal school day.my middle child can help my youngest.Thanks for the recommendation x

If it makes you feel any better, my daughter’s a qualified teacher ( though hasn’t taught for a few years) and was tearing her hair out and reduced to tears with just 2 at home during the last lockdown. If a teacher can’t cope with it why and how can anyone else be expected to? I couldn’t answer questions about your job,, write an essay about it or do it! It’s a really cr** situation and not doing you any good. Only practical things I can suggest are, for your teenager to read as much as possible to do with a subject. e.g for history read as many articles online about the topic studied, maybe watch film or tv reports / programmes. ( amazing what’s on YouTube)

For younger ones I’d concentrate on some daily reading, anything mathematical—— adding up shopping, weighing stuff, sorting money. If all else fails learn to sing times tables—- boring but useful.

If you can cope with it go down the topic route. Choose a topic ( cavemen, dinosaurs, space, Africa, wild animals, etc) Each child then makes a scrapbook on their topic. Doesn’t matter what they put in it—- cut up magazines, made up rhymes, drawings, anything is valid as it’s theirs.

Please don’t beat yourself up. You’re doing a great job keeping your family together, safe and occupied.

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Thankyou for your suggestions my husband has just been informed that some of his pals have been taking their kids to school as classed as essential worker so I think we are going to ask about it.i think teachers are just presuming we are all in lockdown when me and other half are still working it's getting quite frustrating because I'm quite a private person and I feel like I have to give up my life story of why things haven't been done .my sons teacher is so presumptuous when I went for a meeting just before lockdown she said I didn't know you were pregnant well why would I tell you that your just my sons teacher it's not like we're best friends it's supposed to be strictly professional between us and my son is quite private too and I respect his wishes if he wants no one to know at school .I feel like I'm expected to say I've been too ill too help him out when I'd rather just say yes it's been done no it's not admittedly they seem ok me saying I'm not well but it all gets forgotten quickly I had the same stress with sats they came to my home address then!i was furious my son was throwing up so could not attend teachers were telling them they must be at sats no excuse but he was genuinely ill .he tried to take his sats with a sick bucket in one hand at home

Brilliant idea to point out you’re both essential workers, son should be allowed into school. When I first went into teaching it was much more laid back, do your best for each child, make lessons as interesting and varied as possible. Now teachers just have to tick boxes, sats and Ofsted give them all so much pressure and they pass it onto the kids —— main reasons my daughter quit teaching.

I hope your son does well in his GCSEs, and you can all look forward to the baby’s arrival. Look after yourself, it’s important you stay well and strong.

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Your absolutely right the pressure from teachers falls back onto the kids

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