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Create an abstract landscape during lockdown

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During lockdown I have often used the overall shapes within a landscape to give me the skeleton for an abstract painting which can look really interesting.

To do this you just need a photo of an actual place or you could create a landscape from your imagination. Draw just the simple outlines of the landscape.

Then you draw some lines in a fan shape from roughly the bottom centre radiating up to the top of the picture.

Paint all the lines in a colour or black. In this example I chose yellow ochre.

Now paint all the resulting shape in any colour you like.

The result can be as dramatic or subtle as you like depending on the colours you choose.

Have a go.......

This one was from a photo I took of Looe Creek in Cornwall.........

I think this one looks a bit art decoish?

10 Replies
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Gosh, that looks really interesting Danner. I can vaguely make out the landscape you mention. Quite unique.

Where did you learn this - very good - I love it!

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I love it and I'm going to try it. 👍👍😊

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Great work.. Love it... Nice colour pallette too.

That's a very interesting and unique teqhnique you have I bet you get very enthusiastic and engrossed in it I must get my paints out I'm so lazy at moment 🛌🌜

Have a go? I can't draw anything and make it look like what it's meant to be 😳This is amazing!

Lovely and such fun to do. I’m going to try this!

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Love it, beautiful colours and very imaginative

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Wow! That is very effective. Definitely going to try it.

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Lovely. :) I have some abstract painting from years ago. I would love to do this in the colors to match the decor in the room it would hang. Have a great day, week, and month :)

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