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A Lovely Meal, at my Mothers

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Dear all,

I had a lovely meal, at my Mum's today curtesy of the former local Tea Shop.... Now a Take Away Outlet. My Mother had a Cottage Pie and I had a Chicken & Leak Pie. Both were served with Peas, Carrots and Roast Potatoes. Mum had some Fresh Raspberries, in her fridge.... and I bought the cream.

We then had a coffee before watching The Greatest Showman- I bought it for about £4, including P&P. (A Very Good Film, if you have never seen it... the Story of Barnham.) Definitely one to 'Give A Go'......


4 Replies

I’m glad you had a good time with your mum 🙂 family sure is important. I have seen The Greatest Showman and I agree, it really is a remarkable show.

Take care, AndrewT 🙏

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Sounds a lovely meal, I felt hungry reading this! Wish there was a shop like that near me, glad you had a good time and saw your mum

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Sounds lovely,my type of meal.Yes i went to the cinema to see 'The greatest showman' and i loved it.

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