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I, Really Do Love, my 'simple' phone.

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Dear All,

I have a 'Very Simple' Mobile Phone.... It can, first and foremost, make Phone calls- cheaply and reliably. Secondly it Charges in No time, It does Text Messages- Wivowwt Chlorecting Mie Spellching. It also has a, very good quality- considering it's size- Radio, that can 'automatically' scan for channels. However, best of ALL... it has an 'End Active Call' function😀👍😁. So, when I get a '....this won't take long.....about your broadband.....would you like to switch suppliers....and so forth, then- and I'm Never Impolite (I don't need to be)- I can thank then, tell them that I'm NOT interested and END the call! (So 'Knickers', to You Chum😂).

I'm told that, these 'all singing and dancing' Phones don't have a Radio, directly anyway. Apparently you can 'Buy', or Download, 'Something'..... Well, and I'm NOT 'Bragging' you understand, my Simple phone's 'got' one anyway... I just plug in Headphones, then turn it on.

Ok I can't 'look up' Google, when out, but I can on here.... maybe half an hour later?

Not only that I think that I Spend, more than enough, on Broadband, Phone etc.


18 Replies
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i rarely if ever use a mobile as i am home pretty well all the time,so the landline suits me very well.

I agree, I do have a all singing and dancing mobile either😉

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Troilus in reply to

I have an all singing and dancing one. Never know where it is and it is nearly always out of charge.

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Hi Andrew. Like you, I have a basic mobile phone to use when I'm out, A laptop, as I need to type a lot from time to time which is connected to a printer. Finally I have this, my ipad which i use most of the time. I don't think I need anything else. Others on here may disagree, we shall see!


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My husband would totally agree with you. When we all moved on to these mobiles he stuck with his Nokia 👍👍

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If I had to guess I would say that my mobile is probably older than yours. It is just a phone, nothing else. Never really used.

In fact every year at some point they let me know that if I don't use it soon I will loose the number so I then call/text my two daughters and they both know it's that time of year again!

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This is also my second one and it must be about twelve years old. The first one was like a brick, this one is only half a brick!

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Oh, I do love your post, it did make me laugh. You have made a very good point about the basic mobile phone. That's all you need a phone for, phoning, texting and listening to a bit of music. You have it sorted. xx

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Wish I didn’t have this phone. It’s got me into all sorts of trouble and cost me loads of money and bad decisions since pre and post diagnosis 🤷‍♀️

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I'm really out of date! My husband and I still have only the old "flip phone" and I call it my "dumb phone." We just use it for occasional trips away from the house and for emergencies. We go out so seldom, and nobody calls us anyway, so why spend all the money for being able to carry a computer with you everywhere? If we're going to be gone that long, and that far, we'll just take the laptop!

in reply to 4fishylady

I had one like that til the provider required a small upgrade. Rather harder to use, but my only purposes for it are 1) carry in case I need help, either on the road or when feeding horses in the winter, 2) reporting wildfires or getting road assistance for someone in trouble, or 3) verifying account info for email. It's probably $10-11 per month to maintain.

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4fishylady in reply to

We only pay about $25 every 3 months! That's why we won't give it up! No more than we use it, we don't need anything else!

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I gave in and bought a smart phone but it started to cut out in the middle of calls.I put the sim card into my old flip phone and its worked a treat-does calls and texts which is all I need really.I use the laptop if I want to go online .I probably won't buy another smartphone as I dont need the internet when I'm out and about.And I've got a perfectly good small digital camera if I want to take photos.Oh- I forgot- I still use cash (well not at the moment) in shops.I might be an ageing philistine but it suits me😀

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AndrewT in reply to MadBunny

Dear MadBunny,

One 'Thing' I do need, to get, is a Camera. I'm NOT going to Change my phone, just for 'that' though. My last camera, that I didn't like anyway, ended up being left in Southend- a 'long story', concerning a girl not being well.....

Talking of Mobile Phones, and this IS absolutely true, in one of the Tea Shops I frequented, before I moved, there was- quite often- a Used Car Salesman. I actually witnessed him putting two 'Mobiles' together, so that his Two Callers could 'talk to' each other!

Anyway, Welcome Back, to the 'World' of simplicity..... where a PHONE is, pretty much, just that. I mean, what next 'Toasters' that can 'make' the jam?


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MadBunny in reply to AndrewT

I originally got it because I kept using my husband's one when I couldnt be bothered to get the laptop out.I love the story about the salesman.The forerunner of video conferencing maybe????The story about your camera is intriguing.....

I bought mine a long time ago and at 5 mp was quite advanced for its time.It still takes decent photos and thats enough for me.

As for the toasters.....im sure that might not be so far fetched an idea some day!

Yes,Im happy to be simple.

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MidoriVisually impaired in reply to MadBunny

Oh, Me too! I hate Smart Tech. It's making us forget how to use our brains.

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I was so against technology that I didn't get a mobile Flip Phone until 2006 just in case of emergency, or if I had to meet up with friends to locate them. 1,000 minutes for the year for $100. The minutes you didn't use by years end got forfeited. 3 years ago I got my first android/smart phone with unlimited texts, phone calls, and a minimum 500 mg of Wifi data, including unlimited home phone service for $50,26 cent a month. All of my family, and friends were like thank God you got rid of that dinosaur Flip Phone. Well you can't give me a free Flip Phone with free service today without me wanting to fight you. LOL. I use my smart cellphone as a camera, for texting/picture texting, and phone calls only. I rarely use the Wifi data, since I have free unlimited on my laptop from a friend. On occasion I make food, and desserts for him, since he won't take money from me.

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Agreed about the phone but have never heard the phrase: Knickers to you.

I’ll have to start using it in the US.

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