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Positive Wellbeing During Self-Isolation

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And life goes on,even with its ups and downs,we can only do our best.

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Cards not getting through,all Mail running late & i dont think the postman even delivers everyday,posting 1st Class is an absolute waste,and i still have some cards to send which might or might not arrive by Christmas and as far as i'm concerned my Christmas will be cancelled until next April,and its no big deal.

I've decided not to spend this Christmas with friends who have invited me during the Christmas/new year season,I will not put them or myself at risk,and i honestly dont mind,I have gone through most of this year on my own,and i coped very well,and so its not going to be a hardship,but of course my dogs are an enormous help.

I was planning to visit Memorial Woodlands where my David is,but i wont do that either as they are discouraging visitors unless absolutely essential.,and the time will come when we have our freedom back to lead a normal life.

I put flowers by David's photo and i know he's around.

I refuse to drive more than locally,and i am very aware of risks,and I wont put my life or others in jeopardy,it would be completely irresponsible.

I know some people think Covid 19 is not real,but i know it is,and it is concerning that now its the teens and 20's that are contracting this virus.

Oddly enough,i dont feel at all lonely,and i suppose its a case of acceptance,and there is a big difference between 'lonely and aloneness',and one things for sure i wont go hungry when my chest freezer is overflowing,my home is warm,and i know i have more than enough, for which i am more than fortunate,and i am humbled.

Its been the most terrible year,but we're still here,and God willing we will all stay safe.

Everyone must do as they feel fit during the upcoming season,its a choice we all have,but i just hope everyone enjoys whatever they do,and that they stay well and healthy.x

(Picture is of my Traditional English Trifle.)

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A really good post secrets, so good to read. I hope you enjoy that trifle as much as I would, trifle is my very favourite dessert of all time - I loved it when I was a child and I still love it now, we have a nice home-made one in the fridge at the moment. x

Hello thank you I think your incredible you've come through as you say the worst year of your life and I also have had terrible one with my dad dying and so many other things, I realise I can feel good one day or for some of the day then it all feels horrible again but I know it will pass, and that's what we need to foccus on I'll be around on Xmas and I hope you have more lovely food like that as if you were my nebour I'd be coming round and sending pixie round to share your dog's food as he thinks he's a dog hava a peaceful day hugs from us 💛🤗🌟xxxxx

Nice photo of you Jerry strangely enough I have one similar of my mam 😊well 2 that I'm going to post when she was joking with the great grand children just at the start of the virus 😁

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You really are one incredible Lady, I hope you have an enjoyable, peaceful Christmas and that 2021 is a whole heap better for you than this year was xx❤️🎄☃️💕

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secrets22 in reply to leo60

Leo60........actually i am a

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leo60 in reply to secrets22

ooops! Haha! Many apologies! Still incredible!! 😂😘 xx

Well when you see it you'll want the same outfit 😁

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A beautiful post very moving and heartfelt yet uplifting too. Bless you😊🐰

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Oh no- you know what'sgoing to happen don't you Jerry?Bazzak is going to see the picture and claim it's his own design😊🐰

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I concur with everything you say secrets. I am grateful to be here still and send my best to all who read this. Buon natale Bx

Of course David is still with you secrets22. People live on in our hearts and although it's a comfort to visit final resting places, it is possible to make a special place of remembrance within your own home. So I'm sure it's a sensible decision to avoid the Memorial Woodlands for now.I have opted not to send cards this year either. Queues for our local post office are very long and I always think it's so unfair for people who have to use one, for renewing documents etc. (I also think that many people will just be glad not to feel they have to go through the whole process for once).

The key to all of this is, as you say, acceptance. Everything hurts more when you resist it. Feeling lonely at Christmas is often 80% thrust on those who will be alone by commercially driven engines. Watch enough ads on TV from late November on and you'll come to believe that it's almost the 11th commandment not to allow yourself to be alone. Nonsense of course and you are also quite right that there's a world of difference between being alone and being lonely.

Your trifle looks well worth staying home alone with! Enjoy!

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I think you are being very thoughtful and sensible. Putting the flowers by David’s photo means you can enjoy them as well. Wow! What a trifle 😋😋😋😋😋 yummy!

As long as you know that you're doing the best you can then that's all that matters.

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No - you couldn't be that bad. There can only be one Bazz. Thank goodness😁🐰

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Hi bun I've had some lunch and pixies on knee so that's it lazy mam's watching TV in bed were all in her room actually he's just fell off lol I'll get out later xx

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Very wise words from a wise man, David will be forever in your heart, and it's very sensible to stay home, next year you can get together with your friends, and enjoy one of your trifles, look after yourself

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I really don’t know why we bother posting.I sent a card to my sister in law in Southern Ireland.

It cost £1.45 AIRMAIL..

It took 11 days..I do t know why we use the mail.

Congratulations,you sound really organised.take care

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