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Non of us are immune

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After watching a widow on GMB today who was scammed out of all her funds I do question how safe social media is,its terrifying.

Some evil people hone in on the vulnerable and lonely and they sound so convincing,and its no good saying it could'nt happen to you,because it can,no one is immune from tangling with evil.

I have been considering leaving social media behind because it can be destructive and problematic if we are not canny enough to recognise the warning signs.

Its not only the people who are questionable,it is so many adverts offering amazing products which are absolute rubbish too,and i have fallen for some of these things.

I do think Facebook should be much more responsible in who they allow to advertise,but of course its all about money and they dont care a damn if people are fleecing us.

The internet does have its uses,but i do feel it can be very unsafe,and even with online banking its not absolutely safe.

Some people are so clever in accessing peoples accounts,and instead of financial services demanding that we use the internet ,they should remember that not everyone trusts or likes it.

Life was so much easier and trustworthy before we depended on all things techno.

When we go on line now we go through a raft of questions ,passwords,numbers etc,and still its not fool proof,and that is scary,and just try to speak to a person and not a machine and we are b&@#*ed

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Oh I couldn't agree more Roddy. I grumble all the time about the way in which we've been funnelled towards using online services for absolutely everything. It starts out with a bit announcement about how much more convenient everything's going to be (for them of course, not us), and ends with vulnerable people scammed, confused and broken through the cunning of what seems like a growing group of people, having been conned out of life savings. Not only is the risk of losing your money so high, but the levels of customer service are at an all time low! 👍

oh gosh yes,customer service is at an all time low..........its dreadful.x

Did you know unlocked posts like yours and all the replies go viral and appear anywhere on the net? If you lock your post to this community only you will prevent this.

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oh blimey.😱

I agree Roddy.... I never use online banking, If I want to know something, I physically go to the bank, I won’t use the hole in the wall, I always use the machine inside the bank, And I only deal with online companies that I’ve used and trust!!!

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If your lucky to have a bank near you Don, our last one closed last year and we have to travel to the next Town now which is 10 miles away. 😳

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Lots of the small branches in the cardiff suburbs have shut down as well!

We are OK where we live as we can walk into town and also to our local one in Albany Road and the Canton and the Llanishen nat west branches are still open but if you don't live central or near a business centre and don't have a car or have mobility problems then they don't care.

As you say it's not just social media , everything we do now seems to be online, I pity elderly people who are not computer literate , I'm in my seventies and ok at the moment but I think as we get older it's going to get harder. Even our Drs surgery is going that way with online consultations , youre very lucky to get to see them face to face now , I think it's all going to be online in a few year time., it's easier for them but not always for us .

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I don't like the way everything is going online and companies etc assume everyone has access to the internet or wants to use it. I still prefer to go into shops - when I can of course.

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i love to go into shops and see what i'm buying because half the things bought online are poor quality or dont fit.

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That's true. I only started buying stuff online after covid started and I had no choice. And then I only buy things from shops I'd usually go to anyway🐰

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Hear hear Md.

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i so agree with you,and as for doctors with online appointments makes me reluctant to even bother,in fact doctors have never had it so good,and each covid vaccine they administer they get £15 each time.gggrrr.

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Really, didn’t know that, no wonder they are pushing it then lol, all we hear at our surgery is about vaccine appointments , yet try and get a ‘normal’ appointment and no chance.

We used to be able to ring our surgery for a prescription but now they’ve even stopped that , it’s either order online or ring a “prescription hub” which is like a call centre and you have to wait 7 days 😳. I don’t know where it’s going to end

Yes I agree. I don't do Facebook or any of those things although friends and family are always pestering me to. I've noticed a lot more weird e mails arriving these days. I resisted online banking for a very long time- until the first lockdown when I couldn't get to the bank to pay bills. I also got fed up with the pressure to bank online every time I went into the branch.

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I don’t do Facebook either, or what’s app which everyone wants me to join, why do people need to know what everyone else is doing 24/7 lol

Love your new photo by the way 👍

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My avatar? It's my dad!

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Oh that’s lovely

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I agree. To be honest I can't be doing with all the stuff people post. My friend gets fed up with her daughter in law posting all the time. I can understand it's useful if you have family abroad. I prefer to talk- either in person or on the phone. I'd much rather see friends and family. When we can of course😁🐰

Timely reminder secrets. I have just been driven crackers (friends will say I hadn’t got far to go!!) sorting out my mother’s affairs following her move to a care home. Trying to speak to some banks and Inland Revenue in particular means hours sitting on the phone in queues. Some questions need a discussion with a real person. I suspect that it is a combination of the inevitable move to internet transactions and reduced staff availability because of COVID-19. Nothing beats a bank branch within walking distance for our more senior citizens and ready phone access for anyone with mobility issued; sadly, premium accounts apart, these people seem to have been forgotten.

I agree secrets, we have to be so careful now as there seems to be an army of fraudsters and scammers etc who I'm sure are multiplying by the day and whilst a lot of them are invisible to us, some are wolves in sheeps' clothing - they are like a breed apart from the human race - it worries me silly sometimes. x

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I don’t think you can be too careful these days, better to be safe than sorry I say 👍

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Agreed wholeheartedly Md.

When things seem too good to be true then yes they are is my view.

I agree Cat.

I know where your coming from!!!!

I have gained so very much from it though since COVID-19!

My daughter is good cos she keeps an eye on me, but I’m going to be cutting back when I’m able to get out and about!

Hoping that you and others have a safe and happy future with the easing of the restrictions ⭐️✅😊🌻

Those scammers are low lives!

I received a scam text claiming I owed Royal mail money and I deleted it!

I have had calls off them as well and when I realised what they were up to I had hung up the call!

Hi All,

Any email you receive that addresses your email address and not by your name is an scam email. Any text you receive by phone don't press on any links. My friend got a phone call purporting to be from amazon saying someone had used her card fraudulently to open a new account which sounded plausible but they also went on to say the card was used to hire a car that had been in an crime. That blood was found in the car by forensics. Now, how would an amazon operator know that. It would be confidential police procedure. This was said to get her to panic and get access to her account number. Put the phone down and call amazon yourself and your bank.

I got an email supposed to be from TV licence people informing me my licence had ended and i needed to set up a new payment. On closer inspection of the email, it was addressed to my email address and not my name and also the date was written the American way. Also checking my bank statement for the monthly payment to TV licensing was still going out proved that it was a scam. Please be aware.

If you have YouTube you can learn how to check to avoid scam websites and protect your banking and other info safe. Always use a strong password.

Never announce your going on holiday on social media. Your telling burglars your house is empty. If you get a call on your old analogue phone saying it from your bank, police and they say you can check that it's them by calling back, when you put your phone down and pick it up to call them ,ALWAYS LISTEN OUT FOR THE DAILING TONE. IF THERE IS NO DAILING TONE THEN THEY ARE STILL ON THE LINE AND IT'S A FAKE CALL. In the old days when we ended a call we would put the receiver down to end one call and to make an new call. We'd assume that the person on the other end would do the same but a scammer would just keep the line alive so that it would seem like you had got through straight away to lull us to believe they were the genuine article.


Sorry this post is long . It's not to scar you but to keep you aware! Keep safe!

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it is so scary that sometimes i feel i'm not made for this world.😱

Yes, I look back to simpler times. Modern life is too fast.

Scam alert: watch out for the Amazon 30th anniversary celebration free gift link.

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