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Christmas Day on another day.

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Despite morphine, I am in continuing pain with my leg. Some days are okay-ish, others are awful. It is a challenge to tell which is going to be which, although days on which I wake up in pain are a clue. I have noted also that rapid and repeated turning and lifting, such as when I unload the dishwasher, makes matters worse.

My wife has come up with a brilliant idea. Should I awaken feeling awful on Christmas Day (no jokes about hangovers please), why do we not celebrate it on another day, when I am feeling somewhat brighter? Somehow that suggestion fills me with a strange joy: not that Christmas can be postponed, but that my wife would be happy to do so.

Has anybody else had any comparable thoughts or ideas?

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My husband suffers with regular migraines so we may have to celebrate Christmas on a day other than the 25th.Karen

"Love conquers all". To me, these few words conjure up how, when faced with a situation like this, love always finds a way.Your dear wife has given you and others like you a loving and kind solution Brent.

Wishing you both a restful, Christmas.

Chrys Xxx

Hi Brent_Wilson, First of all I'm really sorry to learn about your increasing pain levels. I know it's impossible to say on which days you will feel a little better and I think it's a great idea to keep in mind that you may not feel like celebrating Christmas on Christmas Day. You are so lucky to have a loving wife who is attuned to your needs and I'd say absolutely have an impromptu Christmas, on whatever day feels good to both of you.Long ago my family celebrated Christmas in September as my then husband was due to spend Christmas in the Falklands as a member of the armed forces. We put our hearts and souls into it and had an artificial tree and turkey and all the trimmings, so I say "go for it" if it needs to be.

But of course I hope that you will actually find some relief so that you can celebrate on the appointed day. Wishing you a merry Christmas, whatever comes to pass.

I think that's a really good idea. What a thoughtful wife you have Brent but I hope you will be able to celebrate it on the day pain free. x


Whilst in the Armed Forces, if I was on duty on Christmas Day, my family and I celebrated as soon as possible afterwoulds!

Your catering department will need to know when to celebrate Christmas!Celebrate every day when you feel good!

Sounds like a great idea. You don't have to follow tradition. There are no rules. 👍😊

Oh no! You are still suffering with your leg, I am so sorry to hear this 😪 I hope you get some relief soon. Your wife........... how thoughtful is she? What a star

⭐, she's definitely a keeper 😘!I do hope you have a wonderful Christmas, whenever that may be! xx

I’m sure the Lord will smile on your Christmas whenever you celebrate it! Hope you feel better soon and let your wife know I think she is a kind and thoughtful person!

ive had to use your wifes idea loads of times, i often am very reluctant to plan anything for any day in case I feel too ill to do it or enjoy it - being flexible about even a tiny thing like which day I go to the shop is a must with me, the only thing about christmas is that we often are used to contacting or being with people then, and they have set that day aside for that, or we have bought in special food that must be eaten that day

is that the posh vegan, vegetarian, unusual best christmas puds from harrods ?

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GhoundsReading Rabbits

I think you should be excused dishwasher duty Brent 😃. It doesn't matter if you don't celebrate Christmas on the actual day, just do it when you feel up to it. You wouldn't be alone in that, many Service families can't celebrate on Dec 25th due to foreign postings. I hope you feel better soon as constant pain is truly grim.

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