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Merry Christmas to myself and all.

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Put up a little tree this year. Have to move by the end of the month because landlord notified me she is selling home.

I just can't seem to catch a break lately, but i am forcing some festivity for Christmas.

Much love, Kathushka. xox

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Sending you all the very best and hoping that your move goes okay! Happy Christmas 🎄 time and let’s make the best of the days 💕😊🎄🎅🏻🎶🌻

I agree love. Things could be worse, so i am thankful for the good things. 💗😊🌹

You have a beautiful tree 🎄 😊

I am so sorry that things have not been going well. I wish you all the luck with finding a new place and hope things turn around soon 💗

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Thank you so much. 🌹😊💗

Thank you so much. The landlord wants the home empty to show and said i can waive the rent this month so i've got a bit of time. 🌹💗😊

Beautiful tree you'll enjoy that a new year and new home it's often good to have a change new start I'm hoping to move,I hope its a nice new start for you🌟 🤗

I'm sorry to hear that you have to move soon Kathush, that's going to be an upheaval in the New Year for you - I hope you find somewhere soon (unless you already have somewhere). Your tree is lovely and looks very festive. Good luck on your move. xx

Well that's not very good timing, sorry to hear that. Good luck in your new home and meanwhile have a very Happy Christmas xx

Your tree looks lovely. Good for you for creating some festivity.I'm sorry to hear you've got to move- not the best time. I wish you all the best and that you find somewhere nice. Happy Christmas here's to a better new year😊🐰

That's so pretty Kathush and goes to show that you can dress even the smallest tree to make it look attractive. Sorry you have the hassle of moving coming up. Awful at the best of times and really difficult just now. So enjoy Christmas first as best you can while staying safe. One foot in front of the other will get us there.

Lovely tree. Sorry to hear you have to move. X

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