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How are those spending Christmas alone coping

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Good evening

I hope you are all well.

I wonder how many of you are spending Christmas alone

This will be my first Christmas alone in decades as it is usually spent with my Mother.

This is an unusual time for many and so many have to adjust and accept spending Christmas alone

Like I say there are days I am ok and certain days I find it hard to cope

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I'm sorry about this but it will soon be over and you can come on here to pass the time and try watch a comedy film and make some nice food have a brisk walk out look forward to the vaccine and better days ahead are on the way what a big relief good night xx

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Wise words Mandy , take care x

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You too I'm having early night did you see my funny post last night is that you Baz I'm doing another tomorro night night if you can't find it click on my profile avatar picture and my posts will come on 🌟xx

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Me too, no I didn’t see it not been on much today, I’ll have a peek before bed now, have a good night 😊x

I'm so sorry that you will be without your mother this Christmas 😞

I usually am alone for Christmas, so I fill the day with the things I like most: Food, books, puzzles and Christmas movies (in no particular order). I also reach out to my friends/family by phone or text and we wish eachother a Merry Christmas that way. There's no true substitute for spending Christmas with loved ones. But if you find yourself alone, try to focus on the little things around you that bring you joy ❤️

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This is a list of ideas

Hang up a Christmas wreath

Watch old Christmas movies

Listen to some festive music

Eat nice Christmas food as a treat

Play games

Attend a church service

Organise a Christmas party at home

Make hot toddy and mulled wine too

Sample Santa biscuits as well

Munch on Christmas cake

Fill up on turkey and food

Drink coffee and have after eights etc

Light candles

Cultivate a Christmas feeling

Serve eggnog

Don a hat and do art

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Roukaya in reply to thara9643

Thanks for your suggestions but I will need to be in the right frame of mind to follow them

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This will be a lonely time this year, usually with two sisters and nephew, my 'crash' diet [diabetes 2], and my susceptability to covid, has meant very lonely, I have had about six people in the house since March. I have groaned and grimaced on this particular site, an excellent listener of my particular aches and pains, throughout a bit of humour always helps, bringing me out of my darker periods [which I have sometimes gone over the top?] no body is perfect, especially mine? I have been using computers since the 20th century {windows 98} but the internet rather than the TV has proved to be my main solace, TV can be extremely overbearing! The sound of a persons voice, especially someone you know definitely making the highlight of the day [don't forget the phone]! It is good there is light at the end of the tunnel, and to know I should be able to talk to old friends and relatives, but as I sit in my house alone, I know now I will be able to get out BUT at the same time be able to avoid that curved ball of that unknown factor! This year is one that a lot of people would like to forget no matter WHAT age you are! I have been living on my own for seventeen years, this is the worst! 2017 when I spent two thirds of it in bed, but at least I could get out of the house, sometimes, for the smell of fresh air and human company, a joy! [a dehumidifier I bought two months ago, a poor replacement for that!]We all have bad days and good days [I am now on first names with my Bank manager?]

Keep the pecker up Roukaya!

Stay Safe


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You have a wonderful attitude Adlon57 , it's not what happens to us but the way we deal with it , my Gran always used to say that, and I've always tried to follow it to get through the ups and downs of life that we all go through.

Stay safe

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Roukaya in reply to Adlon57

Thank you for your reply

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Adlon57 in reply to Roukaya

A wee bit of music and I'm just about to start Taiji Qigong for relaxation [if the DVD's are compatible?]Hang Loose! as they used to say in my era in the 60's and 70's?

I shan't be on my own this Christmas Roukaya, but have been on several occasions and I think the most helpful things are to firstly remember that this is only one day in life and it isn't obligatory to 'be jolly', but that said, try to have a pleasant day planned ahead so that your time is occupied with some things which you can enjoy at home on your own.

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I will also be on my own, have been on my own for some years, to me it is just another day, however I do have a cat, so technically I am not on my own. I haven't had anyone in the house since before the first lockdown because of shielding, and still shield now.

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I will be alone at Christmas.

For the last few years, there has been a Christmas Lunch party locally for people that would be alone at Christmas... I was thinking that that is obviously not happening this year - but they rang up and asked me if I would like a Christmas meal delivered!

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Not quite as sociable as usual S11m, but really nice that they have arranged this instead! Hope you have a lovely meal!

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Hello Roukaya,I too am spending christmas alone.I have been isolated now for 266 days and i find the best way i can cope is to stick to a routine.Usually my daughter and her partner come over for dinner yet can't this year due to my health issues.I don't mind being alone really I am treating myself to a small leg of lamb cooked in red wine and i will facetime my 2 kids (50 and 29) while they open their presents from me.Netflix and Amazon Prime helps and also colouring in Mandalas with gel pens,puzzles,writing poems and cuddling my cats,I hope you have a nice xmas.x

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It is sad that you have lost your Mother. I like you feel good some days and not so good others. I am a big believer in letting sadness out. A good cry can be a big release and relaxer. Not all the time but occasionally. We must concentrate on the fact that we have a home And can contact people. I hope you will feel better and when this is over make new friends as well as meeting the old ones.

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Roukaya in reply to Sylvia22

Good Afternoon I would like to point out I have not lost my Mother

My Mother normally spends Christmas with me but due to the risk of Covid is unable to travel

It would seem you have mis read my post and my Mother is still around

Please read my post and see that my Mum is still here

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Sylvia22 in reply to Roukaya

I am so sorry that I misread your post and apologise if this upset you.

Thank you! Once in a while I dust off a couple of my brain cells and use them 😂 Especially if it's for the benefit of others 💕

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I had Christmas alone a few years ago and actually really loved it. Lolled around all day in my dressing gown. Ate a meal for one and lots of treats and enjoyed Netflix and Christmas movies with my feet up in front of the fire.

The media tends to over hype Christmas and always portrays happy families enjoying time together. While that is true for many it’s not for many others.

I have a friend who comes from a very wealthy family and he prefers to spend the day with the homeless serving meals. He does this nearly every year.

So try to enjoy the day and relax ❤️.

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Sorry to hear...but for me I am always alone but with my parents too...

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