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Positive Wellbeing During Self-Isolation

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Alone together: A community to support those who are self-isolating

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In amongst all the news and conversations around coronavirus (COVID-19), it can be easy to feel overwhelmed and anxious. This is particularly true if you’re self isolating, and having to deal with the knock-on effects of feeling confused in these uncertain times.

To help support everyone who is feeling concerned or alone, we will be using this Positive Wellbeing community as a space for people to connect with others who are self isolating over the next few months.

Use this space to stay connected with others during the outbreak and talk about the different things or idea you have to stay positive.

We will be looking to share regular check in posts for members to discuss how their days are going, setting up online Q&A sessions with relevant experts, and keeping this space open as a virtual hang-out, so we can be alone together!

Why not introduce yourself to the community today:

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Hi Pepa,

It's so good to have this space to help us all through this difficult time. At least here we can develop a sense of community for all of us who are self-isolating. Lots of us will probably have similar problems and maybe between us we can halve our troubles by sharing them!

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PepaHealthUnlocked in reply to

I totally agree with you Callendersgal. These are extraordinary times, and we need all the help we can get to navigate our new circumstances. For me, the only way we can go through this is by helping each other. We can do this!

in reply to Pepa

Yes we can Pepa, and with each others' help, we WILL!

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Dizzy64 in reply to

Couldn't agree with you more Calendarsgirl this is a great way to have a chat during this period whether self isolating or because of disability.

We've had nice weather which is a plus, I've been on my balcony, tending my plants and catching up with reading my SCI magazines.

It's nice to know we have a community on HealthUnlocked.

Here's to keep safe and positive as I raise my mug of tea!

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Sops in reply to Dizzy64

Hi, loving this weather, turfed out contents of my shed yesterday, amazing finds, loads of dust and spiders, books that havent been seen for years, and my very old paints and easel, might get creative today.... although the sun lounger is calling... and the old books are very good reading from my dusty memory. Am looking on the brighter side of life today,

Raising my morning coffee to you,

Sops x

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Dizzy64 in reply to Sops

Hi Sops, we're in for a lovely weekend with the weather got my chairs and sunshade out, so will put feet up for and catch up with some reading and moving the pots again lol.

Happy Easter as I raise my cuppa! x

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wiserlady in reply to Dizzy64

The weather makes it all more cheerful.

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wiserlady in reply to Dizzy64

Am self isolating and disabled, yes I do have my partner, but he is all I have and he is out at work much of the time. How are you all getting on?

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Dizzy64 in reply to wiserlady

Hi wiserlady,

I'm good thank you, been catching up with a few jobs that I can manage if I'm having a good day due to my disabilities.

I have a positive attitude towards life and it is what it is.

Luckily I enjoy my own company and have friends who phone regularly.

Thank you for your message it's much appreciated and hope you are ok.

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Hi Pepa, thank you for this post.

I am looking back to the 1980s to get some inspiration to keep fit. Check out this Jane Fonda video - even if you can't do all the moves, just watching it will put a smile on your face. Enjoy!

A lot of people I know are on their own, having self isolation forced on them, and no company most days, they find it hard. One of them pointed me in the direction of a free prayer forum which me and my partner now use. As well as the isolation and virus we have some very big problems at the moment and it makes us feel more confident and more supported about them. We have found that praying every day helps us a lot. We use a free forum online, that way we can do it when it suits us, and anyway with the lock down we cant go to church now. A friend of ours, who is a minister's wife now "goes to church" online sunday mornings.But we prefer to sign on and off more often and when we feel in the mood and have spare time. The forum we use is totally free, no sign up or waiting or spam later. At accuratepsychicreadingsonli...

Thanks so much for chatting about church and praying- I’m getting comfort and support from joining in a local church mass each morning. I’m on my own, my hubby John died just 1yr ago and I’m now diagnosed with I P F- a lung condition

I’m not wanting sympathy cos I have lots of family and friends support. I’m high risk Covid19 so I’m home alone- but have a lovely garden. I’m on B L F forum recently so I’m looking forward to a chat and a share 😊💕😉

Well I am disabled and self isolating too, but I do have my partner, he is all I have, and he is out at work a lot. I am very pleased you have family and friends to support you, I presume you chat to them online or on phone regularly. Do you manage to do your own garden? We have a front and back garden, the back needs a lot of work and improvements and the front needs to be totally done again to look nice but he will get it done, hopefully by the end of next year. I find it is easier to cope with this if we se things differently. i.e. don=t think about going out or rushing around or being busy, be far more relaxed. How are yhou today?

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