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Covid has struck my family

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It’s been a difficult week for my family. First my daughter-in-law got sick on 11/4 and was diagnosed with Covid 11/5. Next our precious 6 month old granddaughter had congestion and received a positive test for Covid on 11/6. My husband and I do daycare for the baby 2 days a week. We had her on 11/3 the day before her mom got sick. My husband became ill on 11/6. I became ill on 11/10. We both have now received positive results.

Praise the Lord my sons both had negative test results. Also my daughter-in-law and granddaughter are improving!! So thankful for that.

Just wanted to share our story with you because if it happened to us it could happen to anyone. We took this seriously and have all been so careful especially since the grandbaby was a premie born during Covid. I sewed around 500 masks for family, friends Healthcare workers and donation to help people stay safe. As I said if it could happen to us it could happen to anyone. Please be very careful out there and diligently follow all the guidelines!!! Stay safe!!!

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Yes, it is that easy to get. Every action must be considered.

I hope all the best, good luck that you all have minimal discomfort.

Thank you. I’m praying for minor symptoms. My husband and I both have compromised health conditions. I trust the Lord to see us through this. 🙏

Get well soon, all of you xx

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Thank you!

So glad they are improving, hope you and your husband will both start to improve soon. My son and grandson have it at the moment. Di x

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On the 2nd November, my daughter telephone us, but couldn’t speak due to a very dry sounding cough, she had had a covid test but the test result was inconclusive.

She had another emergency test on the 4th November and tested negative to be diagnosed with pneumonia, and was given a course of antibiotics, and is improving....... GrandmaNASH, I truly hope your family pulls through this virus, I was very worried when my daughter said the first test result was inconclusive. 😀👍🌹🌈

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Do hope she feels better soon Don. 🙏x

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Me too Hylda, thank you😘🌹

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Best wishes to your daughter and her family, hope she feels better soon 🌈

Thank you Jennymary!

Don, Thank you so much! I hope your daughter starts feeling better quickly!

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Wishing them both a speedy recovery.

Thank you ninelives!

Thank you so much for your post GrandmaNASH1, because this is what everyone needs to hear and understand. This is how easily covid19 passes from person to person and it's easy to see how members of a family can quickly become infected before each of them realises what's going on. Wishing you all well and hoping for a good outcome for all.🙏

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Last October our family all became unwell at the same time and we had thought it was a heavy cold but looking back we suspect it was covid before it was officially christened.

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I’m so pleased you have all recovered now!

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Thank you Callendarsgal! That was why I posted this. Hope sharing my story may make others more cautious and hopefully avoid this insidious virus.

Sending get well wishes to you and your family

Thank you Jennymary.

Get well soon!

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Thank you catgirl1976.

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I hope you and your family will make speedy recoveries. Senging you all best wishes. 😊👍

Thank you bobbybobb!

Get well soon - and keep us posted.

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GrandmaNASH1 in reply to S11m

I will. Thank you S11m.

I'm sorry to hear that it has got you and your family so hard. It is incredible just how easy it is to get it. I sincerely hope that you all recover quickly with minimum effects xx

Thank you MadBunny. Be careful and stay safe. 😷

Thank you x

Wow trouble comes in bunches doesn’t it! Praying you all come through this! You are right that we all need to be very careful. I’m still working but thankfully it’s outside and not in close quarters but I’m still getting nervous about it.

Thank you Spinner1916. Please be extra careful out there and take all precautions! Stay safe! 😷

So sorry to hear that.

My son in Sweden has had covid 19 twice and now has 'long covid' so I can relate to your situation.

What an unsettling and difficult year it has been for so many.

I do hope that your family continue to recover quickly.

Thank you ninelives. I’m sorry to hear about your son. I pray his “long Covid” improves quickly and he is back to good good health soon!

Thank you.

Your prayers are much appreciated .

I'm sorry to hear that GrandmaNASH. It's great that your daughter-in-law and granddaughter are both improving and I hope you and your husband will suffer minimally with this and improve quickly. The mask making is a great contribution from you and you should be proud of that. All the best to you all. xx

Thanks springcross. Take care and stay safe. 😷

Thank you Jerry! You are correct that this an insidious virus. The main purpose of my post was to sound another alarm on how easily this can spread and ask all to be very vigilant! Take care and stay safe. 😷

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