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A strange day but I still went out on my bike

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My youngest daughter sent me a message and said she'd managed to get me some vanilla extract so I said I would collect it from her near her doorstep. I cycled out to my daughter's today and on the way picked up some things for my granddaughters, some fruit snacks which they enjoy.

I arrived at my daughter's, sent her a message on my phone so as not to alert my granddaughters and she came to the door and shut it. I left the stuff I'd brought for her on a windowsill and she then managed to hand the vanilla extract from a distance. We were chatting for a while and then I heard her front door open so I quickly hid out of sight and heard my eldest granddaughter's voice. I then started chatting again and a little while later the door opened again and I hid and it was my youngest granddaughter. This felt very strange, not right and actually kind of upsetting to hear both my granddaughters and not be able to see them, give them a cuddle and play with them. This I am finding is the hardest part of these very strange and difficult times.

No doubt by tomorrow I will have perked up again when I go on another bike ride. Another thing I'm finding hard is the fact that we are now allowed to drive and there's no limit on exercise, I feel this has left this open to abuse, I'm not comfortable with this.

Anyway, back to the positive, I cycled just over 24.5 miles. The exercise is what's keeping me going as well as the good weather we've had.

Please stay safe and well all.

Alicia :)

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Veteran250 profile image

Dear Alicia...... we have two Grandsons and three Granddaughters who only llive a couple of miles from us..... we haven’t seen them for over nine weeks now, they could knock the door if only to say hello, how are you?

But it hasn’t happened yet?

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Thank you for your reply.

My granddaughters are only 4 and 8 and whilst the 8 year old understands the current situation unfortunately the littke one doesn't, if they saw me they'd run to me. I have an excellent relationship with my daughter, her hubby and the little ones and see them regularly under normal circumstances.

I'm really sorry you haven't seen your grandchildren, it's difficult isn't it. I've just found it hard today.

I hope you are okay under the circumstances.


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It is so sad we are missing weeks of their young lives. I have seen my two great-grandchildren in their mother’s car but that is as close as it gets.

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It really is, time is marching on. A lot of this could have been avoided if the airlines had been closed back in January/February.

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urksome1 in reply to

You wouldn’t have been able to stop UK citizens flying into the UK and it only takes a few people to widely spread the virus, so closing the airports would not have mattered given how infectious Covid is and we still need flights to get medicines and vital medical supplies into the county too. The best solution would have been a huge testing and tracing effort.

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I totally agree. Personally I think that all that flew back into the UK should have been quarantined, that would have helped stop the spread.

Yes definitely a huge testing and tracing would have also helped stop the spread.

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I do feel sorry for you, it is such a heart wrench but the time will come once more to see them again. The pictures are wonderful and I'm glad you enjoyed your bike ride. xx

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It really is but there are thousands in the same boat, the more people that listen and keep the distance the better.

Thank you, another ride tomorrow with different countryside. xx

It’s so difficult isn’t it, I’ve spoken to two of my grandsons on FaceTime and in person to my other grandson and granddaughter at a safe distance. They are 10 and 12 so they understand the importance of keeping apart. It worries me too the fact that people have been given unlimited exercise and can drive. I’m still staying in unless I go to my daughters house and maintain a safe distance to chat to them. It was my grandsons birthday the other day and I can’t wait to shoot some basketballs and have a game of darts and table tennis.

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Yes it really is. I've spoken to both of them on Facetime and they are absolutely fine, acting like it's normal which is good as it'd be worse if they got upset.

Yes 10 and 12 are much better ages for them to understand.

Yes it worries me, people will take it to the limit and be having picnics, sunbathing and not keeping a distance. It's always the old adage 'it'll not happen to me', I'm sure many others have thought that.

Enjoy your outdoor games when you can, it'll feel very special.🌈

Thank you Jerry. It was very strange and not what I would have wanted but I couldn't risk the girls seeing me otherwise they would have ran to me. We have an excellent relationship with the girls and their mummy and daddy. Our eldest daughter is struggling not seeing them as she's an amazing aunty. One thing though I'm safe in the knowledge I did the right thing.

Yes I agree, I do think that's the reason for the decision, there are a lot of people that have lost jobs. My son in law has been working as he's a key worker and works on his own most times so is relatively safe. Oh I will be telling that I saw their mummy but had to hide, the eldest will understand.

Yes it was still a good ride. On the bike again tomorrow.🚴‍♀️😊

Thank you and lovely words thank you. I have a very close relationship with my youngest daughter, her hubby and our gorgeous granddaughters.

I've made hubby some chocolate chip cookies, they require vanilla extract, and shortbread today. I also use it in the brownies and no bake bars I make for me. The brownies are made using sweet potato and they are awesome.😋

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GhoundsReading Rabbits

Aww, that must have felt really peculiar for you. I agree that the new rules are open to abuse and fear a second wave of infection. I can sympathise with all those communities in tourist areas who fear visitors potentially bringing the virus to them. I admire your positive attitude and especially your dedication to your exercise!

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It really was,I love those little girls to bits. I feel exactly the same, people will take it too far and just do what they want.

I feel for those in tourist areas as well, people will just drive to these places and not give it a second thought.

Thank you,it's helping me exercising a great deal.

Hi Alicia, Yes, that must have been really hard to bear. Every so often we meet new challenges in this crisis that are really hard to take and I can understand how you felt today to be so near and yet so far, and also somehow dishonest in hiding yourself from your own granddaughter. I know it t just can't have felt like the right thing to be doing. I guess we have to do so much that's against our instincts and it doesn't make us feel good.

I'm glad that you at least had a good cycle ride and thanks for some more lovely photos. I hope you'll be feeling back on top tomorrow. Take care and keep well! 🙏

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It was very hard but I know it'll be worth it in the end. It did feel dishonest and totally unnatural but it had to be done.

It was another good ride. Full sun here tomorrow so I'll be on the bike again tomorrow riding along the long,winding country road.

Thank you, please stay safe and well also.🙏🌈

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Gladaven in reply to

I am very glad to be able to have video chats with my children and grandchildren , it is wonderful just to see that they are well, can you not do do the same? Gladie xxx.

in reply to Gladaven

Hi there

Thank you for you reply. Yes I am and have done that but I'm just yearning for that physical connection.

I'm so glad yours are all well,it is lovely to see their faces and hear their voices. xx🌈🌞😊

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I agree on both counts. The worst thing. x

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It really is, it'll be so good when we can see them xx

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Well done wow! Beautiful photos too. I’m longing for the day can go out, week 8 of shielding - worry that it may be longer with the way things are going - missing my girls so much! But trying to stay strong - grateful that I am still able to have my treatment though. ❤️🌈

in reply to Elt79

Thank you I'm so fortunate that I can exercise.

Isn't it hard to shield, my daughter's been doing that with her youngest, who's 4, is on immuno suppressants for JIA (Juvenile idiopathic Arthritis), she didn't get the letter until the end of April.

I'm so glad you are still able to get your treatment.

Thinking of you xx🙏

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Elt79 in reply to

Bless you I am fine at least I do have a garden and keep in touch with my daughters most days. Looking forward to seeing them when things improve. Stay safe ❤️🌈

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I'm so pleased you are ok and really hope the treatment is working well for you.

Yes I'm keeping in touch with my youngest more as she has the home schooling and looking after to do whilst shut in.

Stay safe and well.😊🙏🌈xx

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Elt79 in reply to

My youngest is a primary school teacher in London - looking after key workers children and on line classes for her pupils - I worry about her but she’s being very careful she says she spends more time washing their hands than teaching🤣🤣❤️🌈

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Oh my goodness, that's a difficult job. Looking after the key workers children and online teaching is quite a responsibility.

Bless them, they'll be fed up washing their hands. 😂😂

Elt79 profile image
Elt79 in reply to

I keep sending her hand cream for herself 🤣🤣

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Hmm, think she needs that😂😂

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hi, i love your posts, my bike (1954 model) is locked in my garage as i am isolated to the house, and i am cycling via your experiences, thank you.

My daughter and 3 grandchildren live 10 miles from my house and come over to my window with felt tips and large drawing book paper.

They hold messages to the glass i and i respond. It’snot a hug but it is so good to see them.

Take care, Sopsx

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Gladaven in reply to Sops

I am 82 with Diabetes and AF my husband is 77 yrs so we are in lockdown. Thank God we are able to have video chats with our children and grandchildren, are you not able to do the same? Regards Gladys xxx.

in reply to Sops

Thank you Sops and I'm glad you enjoy my posts, that's lovely to know. I bet your bike is so well made.

My granddaughters also live around 10 miles away as well. What a lovely thing for them to do, so sweet.

I can imagine they love doing that, bless them.

Stay safe and well.


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Sops in reply to

Thank you, i am ‘managing staying at home, and am gardening each day,

I lived abroad in difficult circumstances for a few years and am drawing on strengths i developed there.

Am also in a walking group which will hopefully resume at some stage, as will my choir,

Made almond naan last night, to accompany a free meal i was gifted by a local fine dining company , i received a call from the shielding line , and then it arrived, what a treat, will ring company to give thanks today,

Lifts your heart to receive kindness,

Take care Sops x

in reply to Sops

That's really good, well done and I'm so glad you are drawing on your experience from abroad.

A walking group is good and I'm sure it won't be long before it's up and running again.

I love the sound of your Naan Bread and how lovely of the company, particularly as they are going through difficult times as well.

That's so lovely.

Stay safe and well xx

mattymoo33 profile image

Hello. It sounds as though you are an incredibly positive lady. I love how much cycling you do and to see your beautiful part of the country. I've just started cycling, after being more of a pilates/yoga kinda gal. I love it! I'm able to do about 20K, so nowhere near you. The weather has been fab, at least one positive out of all this.

I hope you do feel better today 😊🌈.

in reply to mattymoo33

Aww thank you, that's very kind of you.

I do feel much better today and have been talking to my daughter today on the phone and said it shouldn't be too long before we can see each other.

Well done to you, I'm so pleased you are enjoying your bike. Pilates and yoga are very good for you and complimentary to cycling. The weather has been awesome, I know we need the rain but I don't want it.

Take care and stay safe.😊🌈🙏xx

Gladaven profile image

It is a very sad time not to be able to cuddle and hug all our beloved relatives, My husband and I because of our age and health issues are in lockdown. Our daughter is a key worker for Royal Mail and after her shift she does shopping for us bless her. Thank God we are able to have video chats with all our children and grandchildren, are you not able to do the same? Regards Gladys xxx.

in reply to Gladaven

It really is Gladys, I love those girls to bits, can't wait to see them.

My hubby hasn't been out either, he's asthmatic so I've been doing the shopping. That's so lovely of your daughter, bless her.

Yes I've had Facetime chats with the girls which is lovely but it's the physical contact I miss. It'll be lovely to see them again.

Alicia xx😊🌈🙏

Gladaven profile image

Please see my reply below Alicia love Gladys.Xxx.

Gladaven profile image

Sorry I meant my reply above silly me xxx

in reply to Gladaven

Ah don't worry, bless you xx😊🌈🙏 xx

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CraftypersonReading Rabbits

Sorry had such a strange time must have been hard to hear them but not see them and as you say 4 yr olds don't understand you will see them soon hopefully.

Lovely pics too

in reply to Craftyperson

It really is. I'm much better today, it won't be too much longer. Yes at 4 they don't understand and I know my daughter is struggling.

Thank you, more to follow.

Alicia 😊🌈🙏

Craftyperson profile image
CraftypersonReading Rabbits in reply to

That's why I can't understand why letting 4 yr olds go back to school

in reply to Craftyperson


Craftyperson profile image
CraftypersonReading Rabbits in reply to

Surely it's older kids with exams looming that need to go back first

in reply to Craftyperson

I think they've been allocated grades on the work they've done already. Another alternative is I'm on standby, I'm an Invigilator, for working in September.

Craftyperson profile image
CraftypersonReading Rabbits

Yes I'd heard that, it's just older kids can socially distance better than 4 year olds. But I suppose they're thinking people can't go back to work with youngsters at home but can with older kids. Hope you are needed in September

in reply to Craftyperson

They certainly can and I fully understand that as even though our 8 year old granddaughter knows exactly what to do she certainly wouldn't be able to keep away from her friends at school as it's not natural. Thank you and so do I.

Craftyperson profile image
CraftypersonReading Rabbits in reply to

Yes I can understand that the excitement of seeing their friends would take over

in reply to Craftyperson

It certainly would. I spoke to my daughter earlier and she said her 8 year old is struggling without her friends now. 😒

Craftyperson profile image
CraftypersonReading Rabbits in reply to

Yes gets harder longer it goes on

in reply to Craftyperson

It really does and if it wasn't for her sister being on immuno suppressants then my daughter would relax a little more.

Craftyperson profile image
CraftypersonReading Rabbits in reply to

Oh dear that won't help xx

in reply to Craftyperson

Unfortunately it doesn't. She's made the decision that she's not sending her back to preschool, she starts primary in September. xx

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CraftypersonReading Rabbits in reply to

I can understand why hope all goes well

in reply to Craftyperson

Thank you xx

trishj46 profile image

I was just writing and got knocked off? This is just addressed to everyone I guess. I think I know how all you feel. I have been homebound for nine years due to illness. I am not bedridden but

cannot go out. When this virus started, I felt strange myself. I live alone

and am not allowed visitors. I wanted more then even to go out

very strange! Just be glad when this is over---you will be able

to get fresh air and activity once again! Be grateful you will have


to look foeward to. I am used to my life but want you to

look forward to embracing your life when the doors are open!

I pray for all of you and strength and blessings! Do not be afraid!

Hugs & Hope!

in reply to trishj46

Hi Trish

I'm sorry you are alone but how positive your response is.

I hope you are able to speak to people on the phone, family/friends as that's very important.

Stay safe and well and we will get through this I know.

Alicia xx

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