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Positive Wellbeing During Self-Isolation

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Making it happen - getting over covid-19

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The country was in harsh lockdown. The government told us staying home saved lives. So we did, and it took four months to combat COVID-19, no more active cases, none in hospital, all clusters closed. Only then (with borders closed) we were safe to return to normal, schools, businesses open - still with some safe distancing required.

New Zealand did it! With a government that talked sense, a health team that advised sense and an economic recovery team of former business heads (including Air New Zealand and former prime minister Helen Clark) who will now oversee re-opening the economy. And, as PM Jacinda Ardern said, the biggest asset was the team of 5 million that made it happen.

(Helen Clark and the former president MaEllen Sirleaf of Liberia have recently been appointed by the WHO to co-chair an independent panel reviewing the handling of the coronavirus pandemic and the response by governments.)

Pic: So, at our first outing playing petanque, we celebrated.

Wishing all countries the same success.

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Send a little love/luck our way in Wisconsin USA!

Unfortunately, we can use it.

Not looking good.

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You have no idea how much we want it to happen, LulaBeth.

After November?

good luck!

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Fantastic, that is great news and you all look like you are having a really great time. It's such a happy photograph. 👍😊🌼

I find myself that the passing of time helps with most things

Hello sondya

Yes, congratulations to all of New Zealand.

It is definitely a joint effort.

It is a desire to LIVE that makes people so positive, your prime minister is an awesome person, everyone listens and acts accordingly.

So many countries could learn from NZ, will they? No they all have their own agenda and know best, l do not think.

Good luck to you all, your winter will soon be behind you like the CORONAVIRUS!!

Many congratulations to all of you sondya, including your very sensible Prime Minister who has done so well to lead you through the danger of C19.

But it's also worth pointing out that New Zealand is an enviable place in terms of population and situation too. Five million inhabitants, compared to 68 million here in a country of the same size and with your nearest neighbour much further away than ours, which is a mere 21 miles away from us across the English channel. Obviously we have bigger and different challenges to your own lovely country.

But that doesn't take away from the great job you've all done and I hope you are all enjoying being post-covid. That's very satisfying and once again, congratulations to you all for a job well done.

Covid - 19 might disappear, globally, within a year - or it might keep going round and round for years - until there is global "herd immunity".

I hope NZ will not get a second wave... as you do not have "herd immunity" you would be susceptible - are you opening up your borders to tourists anytime soon?

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Bee-bop in reply to S11m

No where has herd immunity from it and a vaccine seems the only way of getting that unless it fizzles out

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S11m in reply to Bee-bop

They did not shut down public transport in London, and, initially, they had a high rate of infection - now they have a low rate of infection, and I think that is an indication of herd immunity.

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Bee-bop in reply to S11m

I believe that the social distancing and people working from home, combined with lockdown meaning only necessary trips out etc dropped the numbers. Herd immunity needs a large proportion of the population to get and be immune to the virus. As the symptoms can quickly lead to complications and death, I think, from what I have read, that the only way to herd immunity is a vaccine or for it to fizzle out. The downside is that those who are ignoring the guidelines/ believe it doesn't exist/ is not as bad as it seems etc, risk a second wave which could be worse than the first. Having had pneumonia as a child, being hospitalized and being given a 50/50 chance of survival, I do not wish to catch it nor pass it on to anyone, no one knows if they will be badly affected as young people, children, previously healthy individuals are also getting complications too. No magic pass... we all need to stay safe and protect each other till more is known and/or a vaccine is readily available.

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sondya in reply to S11m

In the news today - from Australia

'Coronavirus immunity starts to fade away just weeks after people show symptoms, a new study by UK scientists showed. King’s College London research found that the presence of antibodies peaked three weeks after symptoms appeared, before fading away. In some cases, the antibodies were undetectable three months afterwards. One of the UK study’s authors said it put “another nail in the coffin of the dangerous concept of herd immunity"'.

To sacrifice the elderly is an abominable concept and shame on those countries who followed this path. The virus knows no boundaries, the long-term effects of the damage to organs are not yet known, so why dice with it.

We will not be opening our borders for quite a while yet.

Sondya, that is wonderful news!! I'm sure all of you put in the effort and stuck to the guidelines. You have a tremendous leader in your country, but the spirit of the New Zealanders is just makes me smile. It must be joyous to engage normally.

Ah! The US...I am truly sad for my country, we have no leadership and various messages. My state of Maine is doing well...but I can't get into Canada to see my grandchildren...and I sure don't blame them.

Enjoy and many blessings. xo

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sondya in reply to Grammy80

My grand-daughter (15) video-chatted almost every night. She loved schooling on line, exams due soon, could pace herself and without distraction if she were in school.

Grandsons (11 and 13) missed interaction with classmates and their sports.

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Ah! My granddaughter will be 15 later this month and my grandson is 12, so I have a sense of your joy!!

So great to see all of your smiling faces..


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