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Coping with the current climate

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I have always found this site to be very understanding and supportive .

I realise that it is very important to look after our mental health as well as physical health and to value and appreciate what we have

I lost my Father almost two age a half years ago and I

now he is gone how much I miss him

We only became close during his old age and through his vulnerability I realise how much help he needed and in reality he was everything to me

Since then I realise it takes time to create a new chapter , I have been trying with the exams and now I will start the process of finding a years legal practice experience

I realise it is essential to keep trying and getting up when life throws its obstacles .

I often wish I was younger by ten years but life is as it is meant to be and accepting our fate and to make the best of our current situation

I worry about my Mum and she always puts her worries on me .

I listen and that is all I can do .

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You are right. You can’t take people’s problems away but you can listen. Try not to see age as an obstacle as you still have at least 17 working years left and now you are older and wiser so I think that’s a good thing.

I’m sorry you are feeling the loss of your dad, especially sad as you became closer to him as he was dying.

Good luck with everything Roukaya x

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Roukaya in reply to Agoodenough

Thank you

I hope you are keeping well

I expect life unfolds itself and we have to adjust the change of life.

This how we gain maturity , wisdom and life experience

Thank you for telling me it is not to late to keep trying at 51

I hope you are managing well

Thanks so very much for sharing so much R , you are a wonderful girl and you have plenty of time to gain your confidence and be happy!

So much has happened and I’m so glad that you and your dad regained a closeness, and the way that you are dealing with your mums “ difficult ways “

is quite amusing!!

I’m hoping that you are smiling 😊 and giving yourself a pat on the back 👋

Good morning

I hope you are well

Thank you for your kind words which are appreciated.

I miss my Dad greatly but his time had come and I accept this .

My Mother a little lady with formidable qualities .

I call her scary spice but she can be very sweet and kind at times .

I hope you keep safe and well

Roukaya, you are indeed resilient and forward looking. You seem wise for your years and listening is one of the best gifts one can provide another.

I really, really like your description of your mom being "scary spice"! She sounds like perhaps a handful but one you manage quite well. Wishing you success in your new pursuits. You sound like you have the determination and positivity needed to make them come true.

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You are resilient Roukaya and to keep trying gives you goals and aims. Of course you worry about and love your mum and being so far away must get very difficult and frustrating especially for your mum, even though she is a very difficult character with her own needs in mind. Listening is all you can do but you can’t do it to a point where it stresses you out so much, that’s the time to cut the phone call short. I guess there are times when we all wish we where younger and maybe would have done things slightly different, or, chose a different path. That’s past though, no point dwelling, it’s the here and now where change is made. Have a lovely day. 😊🌸👍

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Roukaya in reply to bobbybobb

Good morning

I hope you are well.

I expect the resilience I have is a quality I have inherited from my Dad.

He was a strong and defiant character and as I grow older I recognise his qualities as you will do so with your own Father

My Mother always a little Madame with great resilience and a formidable little lady .

I listen but I realise it is essential to keep on moving with even tiny steps .

I will start to apply speculatively and wait at the end of October for the result .

I have understood the importance of being kind and compassionate to ourselves .

We are all unique and grow and evolve in our path .

I hope you are keeping well and thank you for always having the time and compassion to say a kind word

Bobbybobb, You know, it is an odd thing but I have never wished to go back to younger years. Weird I know but those years held many challenges and even with the loss of some energy since retiring, I find myself in a place of more contentment and peace than ever before in my life.

Despite the losses and inconveniences posed by the pandemic, I am grateful for these later years, the slower pace, more control over how I choose to shape each day and many conveniences, once taken for granted, now much more appreciated.

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MidoriVisually impaired

Hi Roukaya,

I agree, it would be great to drop a few years in the rubbish bin, I would quite like to go back to 50! :)

I could be pre- disablement, pre- sight issues, and a darned sight fitter than I am now!

Cheers, Midori

Thanks for your reply

Interesting and honest reply

I'm so sorry about your dad. I lost my dad a few years ago and I miss him too. I try not to get into what more I could have done for him. Instead when I start missing him I think of a good or funny memory and dwell on it for awhile. It helps to keep me upbeat and moving forward. You can give a sympathetic ear to your mum, but be sure to take care of you too. Good luck with the legal experience. Many hugs.

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Roukaya in reply to froggymom88

Good evening

I hope you are well

Feeling a little low as my Mum can be a little miserable and this impacts on me

I get tired and lonely and I will wait for the results to know when I can possibly visit Mum

How are you coping

I accept Dad has gone but it is knowing how to best lead our lives when a parent goes

How are you coping?

I think of the good times and I still talk to him because I believe the soul lives on and some day we will be resurrected. Then we will see each other again. I try to do my best in everything I do no matter how small because I realize life is a gift and we must use it to the good while we are here. We don't know when our journey here will end. Be your best in the legal field.

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Roukaya in reply to froggymom88

Very beautiful words

I believe even though they are gone , spiritually our Dads are still there watching over us

It is not the end

It is never the end

I totally agree that this life is transient we should try to make the best of our lives

Hugs and Prayers

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