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What's anyone done today

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Didn't go out due to it being really windy here today, should have done some housework, oops... Always tomorrow, did sort out some more old paperwork, hopefully I'll get out for a walk tomorrow

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Hi Jennymary

Glad you've sorted out some more paperwork and there's always another day for housework. It's been very windy again today, I'll be glad when it abated so I can get out on my bike.

I've been sorting out my photos today on my fine and finally cleared some space, I've also done some weeding in the garden.

Have a good evening.

Alicia xx

Didn’t do anything today, I’m suffering with my mental health so bad that I’m to afraid to go out.. hope everyone is ok sending hugs and love to whoever needs it xx

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I had an upset this morning when I was late for a job interview due to transport problems and I had rung them to let them know and apologise and said I would be about 20 mins late at the earliest and they said to me not to bother coming in so I went to see my sister in law who said that I had dodged a bullet if they were going to be like that and to have a rest and a cup of tea when I came home which I did but I was really disappointed though as I had put in loads of effort only to have that happen.

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They are not worth a second thought something better will come along

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I can laugh about it now but its not very nice at the time when you put loads of effort into something only to have it result in nothing and I feel I had a lucky escape and hadn't been meant to have gone there!

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Sorry to read you're having mental health issues, look after yourself x

Went to that interview this morning and there were problems with transport getting there which would have made me late so I had rung them up and said I might be late as there had been problems with transport getting there and I had said probably about 20 mins late at the earliest and they said to me how if that was the case not to bother to go there and I was quite taken aback and upset as sadly things like that happen which are out of anyone's control!

Anyway it was nice to see the schools reopen when I went past them on the way there and they were full again and I popped in on my sister in law as well and told her what had happened and she said I had dodged a bullet if they were going to be like that and to have a cup of tea when I arrived home which I did and took some time to calm down and feel now yes I was accidentally stopped from having made a big mistake having that happen and applied for some more jobs as well as there will be other ones just not that one!

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Hi catgirl1976, you're obviously way too good to work for them, look after yourself and the right one will come along when you least expect it

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It's always disappointing though when you psyche yourself up to do something only to have it result in nothing but no thinking about it it isn't nothing as it was a lesson not to go to that employer again!

Last year I had been due to have gone to an interview for 9.15am and there were delays on the trains and I had rung them to explain and apologise and they had said they would fit me in at 12.15 as they had rung me back just after I had got on the train to go there and said that so I had turned up at 9.45 and had waited for an hour as at that time I was still working and had taken time off from that to go there and had been kept waiting for over an hour until I got fed up and left as I had better things to do than wait until 12.15 and I had felt gutted at the time but now feel it was a blessing in disguise as I had dodged a bullet with them being like that!

One day I had an interview at a nursery for a cooks job and couldn't attend and had rung them to apologise and let them know and they had offered to rearrange with me which was fair enough which we had done and I had apologised again and thanked them for rearranging with me.

I would apply to them again should anything else come up.

Real treat. Went to collect some cheese from my daughter’s and she asked would I like my toenails painted. Perfect!

Hi Jennymary, So long as you enjoyed your day, it doesn't matter if you weren't as busy as you generally are. Housework is always there waiting for us and as you say, tomorrow's another day.

I had my first really long queue outside a Home Bargains store and I found it really made me tired after I'd been right round the shop as well. It's made me realise what a toll self isolation has had on me health-wise, and also that I'm really not that cut out for much queueing. So unless I'm in real need, it's not going to be happening again.... 😀 Hope you enjoy your evening.🙏

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Hi Jennymary, after doing the chores, I went out this afternoon. My granddaughter has had a growth spurt, so me, my daughter and granddaughter went and bought some outfits for her to get through till the end of Summer. When I got home I rested a short while before I had to go out for the weekly shop. Hope you have had a pleasant evening. 😊🌈

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There's lovely getting out and about to the shops!

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We just went to the one shop that sold children's clothes, there was no queue and I think because it was a Monday, there was not many people in the shop. My daughter suffers with social anxiety so she finds going out to shops on her own a massive challenge. She does do it but when her anxiety is bad she can't face going into shops by herself. So she couldn't find the right sizes for her daughter because she was anxious so we just did it together and got through it calmly and I didn't make too much of a deal about it. So she managed to get everything she needed for her daughter. So it was a very productive and successful trip. 👍😊

Well, after 2 1/2 days of no sleep 😴 I finally got some like 4 hours, better than nothing 😷💤

I’ve had a good day, selected more photos for the photo book I’m making for my son’s Birthday, ironing, cleaning, tying up the honey suckle blown down by the wind, planting some Nasturtium seeds I found in our store cupboard, giving my husband a much needed hair cut and then an evening walk with my family - social distancing of course. However don’t despair Jenny, I have absolutely useless days when I haven’t the energy or inclination to do anything whatsoever. I think we’re all a bit like that with lockdown but I try not to feel guilty on my ‘off’ days and just enjoy it when I feel more energetic I’m in my late 70’s with AF and three leaky heart valves but generally feel quite well so I’m lucky. Take care and remember - there’s always another day!

Did some online research about men from my village who were casualties of WW1 . Updated details of three on the village website. Updated other sections.

Thought about an objection to a planning application, which I will write and send off this morning.

Can't remember eating much yesterday. Oatibix for breakfast and some cheese and beetroot later.

Today I also plan gardening this afternoon, as it will be warmer and dry.

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