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Putting out the rubbish

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Morning everyone ☀️,

Can I ask this of people who are shielding and living alone like me?

As I got a Govmt/NHS text, in addition to my shielding letters, that said I could open my windows but not go outside and not take my rubbish out, I have been asking a neighbour to take out my rubbish.

My communal rubbish bins are a 30 second walk away from my small block of flats. ( I don't have my own private space or garden).

My consultant thinks it would be ok to put my rubbish out if there is no one else around. I was just wondering what other people are doing?

Thanks everyone 🙂

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I didn't get my shielding text and letter until after Easter, up until then I was putting out my own rubbish, and as it's a 30 second walk I'm still putting it out myself my road is quiet without lockdown, so I'd carry on putting yours out,

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JemimaDoll in reply to Jennymary

Thanks Jennymary, yes you're in a similar situation, so I did do it, taking all the usual precautions.

Dear JemimaDoll,

I live in a 'Supported Living' flat, which means, that there are Staff available to 'assist' us all. I have simply arranged, for the Staff to collect, any 'Black Sacks' that I leave Outside my door.

Since you, like me, are in the 'Shielding' Group then perhaps you could arrange a 'Pick Up' from your Front Door. I am aware that this might be 'tricky' though.... How do you arrange this, you can't Directly speak, to the Dustmen.... It's also unlikely that you will get an 'Answer', on the Phone/ Internet.

Whilst it is 'Unlikely' that Going Out quite 'Late', to put your Rubbish out yourself, will cause you harm there is always a 'Risk'. This virus can, and does, Live on hard surfaces, for some time.... Can you be sure that, your neighbours, ALWAYS wash their hands (especially 'Snotty' Julie, from number 24). A pair of Disposable Gloves, is always a good idea, if you HAVE to go out. I think that if, your kindly neighbour, is happy to continue to 'take your rubbish', for you then maybe a 'nice' meal- when this is All Over?

Difficult I Know.....


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JemimaDoll in reply to AndrewT

Thank you. Yes, I know exactly what you are

saying. Unfortunately my council will only make assisted collections if you have a wheelie bin right outside your house.

It is difficult for us all, weighing it all up, isn't it?

My neighbour has been very helpful, but I did decide to go out, taking precautions with gloves and handwashing, as my consultant said it was okay.

Thanks so much for your advice.

I am shielding since March and I pop my rubbish out early morning when no one around and put bins out same time on collection day. I know my consultants been very good with individual cases, as obviously there are patients who are very poorly and in their individual case shouldn't at all go outside, however as you say your consultant says it's ok and they know your individual case it sounds good to me! Just find a time of day in your own situation when the road is quiet as the big thing is not to have human contacts and also as said always wear gloves straight in take of and dispose and hands wash wash wash ! All the best

Yes, our consultants always look at our individual cases, and I took that into consideration, like you say. Took all the precautions. Will carry on experimenting with optimum quiet time of day. Thank you.

I admit that I have been putting my rubbish out but then I wash my hands like crazy afterwards! I do also sit out in my back garden for half an hour every day, weather permitting, for my vitamin d dose.

Yes, I agree. Handwashing and a Vitamin D tablet in my case! Thank you.

I bought some nappy sacks and put one over my hand when I go down to the communal rubbish bin. I open the door and the bin lid using the bag. We are only seven flats with two very vulnerable people.

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JemimaDoll in reply to

Thanks very much. The nappy sacks though - aren't they slippery to hold? I was imagining myself getting in a pickle with one of those and dropping everything! Maybe it's just me?!

in reply to JemimaDoll

No, they are fine and you can just flick them to turn them inside out which is easier than getting gloves off.

Thank you so much everyone 🙂.

It's just really good to know what you are all doing, as we are all in the same situation. Your replies have given me different options and things to think about.

I shop for a shielding neighbour - so I was surprised to see them outside, on the public pavement, trimming their hedge!

I did not qualify for a letter, but I am 71 - and have a ¿fixed? heart condition and asthma.

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JemimaDoll in reply to S11m

I guess if you have a hedge and it's important to you... when I was a child we had hedges outside my house- this makes me remember them!

Hi JemimaDoll, If an esteemed personage like your Consultant thinks it would be safe, I'd consider doing it. I think a lot depends on how your current method of getting rubbish disposed of is working too. If it's not a problem, maybe leave things as they are. But some people can't rely on neighbours and have no choice in the matter. I think what's critical is that people who have to get into communal lifts and staircases don't do it, but if you are in a single property it's less of a risk, I'm sure.

Yes, I do think of all my consultants as esteemed personages - I am very lucky, and in the end I went by what he said. Thanks for your advice.

I put my rubbish out but wear disposable gloves. Sometimes, as long as you are sensible rules can be broken. Brightest blessings to you.🙏💐

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JemimaDoll in reply to Julymoon

Yes, thanks, it's about taking those precautions.....

I put my rubbish out

Thanks fir letting me know.

I take my bin out - I have to go to hospital regularly for appointments far more risky that putting my bin out! ❤️🌈

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JemimaDoll in reply to Elt79

I might have to start going to some relatively soon 🙄

I put the bins out - no choice. I wear gloves and clean the bin/bag handles etc and again when bringing in. Of course with all the the glove and hand washing.

Yes, all the cleaning is very important.

Like you I've a public-spirited neighbour helping out in my similar situation.

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JemimaDoll in reply to G1llHa1n

I'm glad you have your neighbour. I'm lucky to have mine too.

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