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I'd better 'Watch Out' that I don't run out!

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I use 'Freezer Bags' as general purpose containers, they are Light Weight quite air tight, easy to use, are fairly inexpensive and come in rolls of 100. However, my current roll is almost 'out'. So, I thought, I'd have a look, to see, if I had any Spare Rolls. Yes I did 900, of them, NINE HUNDRED🙈- all in rolls of a hundred.

Quite Why I had bought, so many, I'm not sure... I know that the price was Reduced, a while ago, but 900😬.

Oh well, I won't Run Out, any time soon.....


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Good gracious AndrewT, no you won't, but those bags do make handy containers for all sorts of things!

This makes me laugh. It’s funny what you get in your head that you need. My family tease me that I have a thing about kitchen roll. I go into a cold sweat when I’ve only got 6 left! Glad you found some more. I think you’ll be alright for a while. We all know where to ask if we need freezer bags now! 😁

oh you too....i get anxious when i dont have at least 6 kitchen rolls.


I like the ones with the zips 😃👍

Freezer bags , not toilet rolls lol

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Me too!

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Sops in reply to

Wow, had to get my head around that one...Sopsx

You're that superhero, aren't you? BAG MAN na na na na na na na na BAGMAN! 😀🌸

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AndrewT in reply to Marnie22

Thank you Marnie22 you have made me smile 😁. Actually I will have to OPEN a 'new' roll, of bags, soon- I used the 'last one', of the current roll, clearing up after Dinner..... Steady on Andrew🤦‍♂️.


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Marnie22 in reply to AndrewT

You are livin' it large! Have fun with your bags! 🙂🌸

I’m obsessed with zip lock bags too, I don’t have rolls of them, but I have many boxes of them. They take up less room in the refrigerator and I’m a crafter I use them for that too. So many Uses for them😊👍

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Sops in reply to Want2BHappy3

I do that, my sewing box has buttons, cottons etc all in zip bags, and they are great for packing.

At least the country has not run out of these yet.


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Want2BHappy3 in reply to Sops

Yep, now a doctor mentioned that he was coming back on a plane and thinks he got the virus in his eyes 👀Now You guessed it...glasses are starting to get sold. . And their starting to question if we should start wearing Glasses???

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Sops in reply to Want2BHappy3

Gosh, will be queues at opticians next, i have realised my reading glasses are not strong enough, so i better join queue when released from home prison.



My family have always LAUGHED at me because I always have a very good supply of toiletries: deodorant, hard soap, liquid soap, hairspray, shampoo, conditioner, toilet rolls, baby wipes, shower gel, bath gel, cleanser, hand cream, body moisturiser etc etc as I tend to stock up when all these items are on offer. I have a cupboard in the bedroom where I store it all. The family have always referred to it as the mam’s chemist shop. However, when we went into lockdown and people were finding it very difficult to get toilet rolls and soap etc guess who had the last LAUGH !! And I just said to the family ah you laugh at me!

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CraftypersonReading Rabbits

You definitely won't run out anytime soon. You could auction some of LOL


Now that's funny! 😂

I am also overly practical. I have been called a food, and toiletry hoarder. During this time of Corona virus precautions, I had enough food to last me 3 months, if you include frozen and canned goods. A few years ago my grandson came over, and was running late to shop for food at the supermarket. I opened up my extra pantry closet, and asked him what he needed. He left with 2 bags of food. It is always best to have more, than to not have enough. Toilet tissue, No problem. Thank GOD.

Well done YOU! I just don't have, the space, as it is I have 'piles' everywhere- stacks on top of Both wardrobes, the table and so on...….

I hope, your grandson, took you out for Dinner- as a 'Thank you'.


I thank God for all of the closet space I have. I also thank God that my food, drink, and toiletries are strategically organized in my small & large pantry closets spaces.

Shh Andrew, the world and his wife will be coming begging. 😳

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