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Positive Wellbeing During Self-Isolation

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Quotation for Friday 22nd May 2020

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Hi everyone,

British weather.

As a nation we're famous for not only its changeability but our habit of discussing it at length. In happier times many of us can't wait to flee our native land and fly off to anywhere that will promise us some sunshine.

One thing's for certain. We can't control the weather, and yesterday compared to today is an example of how quickly it can change.

But how does anyone define 'bad' weather? I can no longer tolerate extreme heat or extreme cold (I think my thermostat's stopped working in my old age!) So what's good for me may not be good for someone else.

Here's what that man of many talents, John Ruskin, said about the weather.

"Sunshine is delicious, rain is refreshing, wind braces us up, snow is exhilarating; there is really no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather".

I'm inclined to agree. What about you?

Please have a happy day, whatever the weather sends us!

(Photo: Huffington Post)

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I definitely agree and I just love the fog. 😊🌼

Do you. I’ve never heard anyone say that before! 😆

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bobbybobbAmbassador in reply to Agoodenough

I do, it's a bit eerie and it gives it a kind of mystical feel. I like driving in it also. 😊🌷

Really? I love the winter which is quite unusual but to like the fog and driving in it....Haha. Love it 😂

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MidoriVisually impaired in reply to bobbybobb

Wow! I always felt a false sense of security driving in fog, as if I was cocooned. I didn't like not being able to see clearly.

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bobbybobbAmbassador in reply to Midori

I think it's spooky, I think that's why I like it. xx

Me too bobbybobb! 😊

As a runner, I really dislike the heat... unless there’s a little refreshing drizzle around. Winter running is wonderful for me, so long as there’s no ice, and sets me up for spring nicely. Summer can be a hard slog but once the leaves start to change colours I’m boosted by the thoughts of some mild autumnal weather again. I guess this makes me the opposite of the average person... but living in area that used water power for the cotton industry it’s perhaps as well I like the rain!

I love this country and the changing seasons. I always look forward to the winter. Long dark nights in front of the fire. I find the winter very atmospheric. Being a dog walker there is no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothes 🤨

How lovely to find someone else who feels the same as me about the short winter days Agoodenough. Most people seem to dread them, but I love them. I'm not lucky enough to have an open fire, but I'd love it if I did. I do have a wonderful casement window where I can sit and watch the scurryings of people through the worst of the elements and watch the lights of nearby businesses and the traffic lights, as they cast the reflection of their colours on a wet road.

I agree with 'the wrong clothes'. It's when you are uncomfortable through the wrong clothing that weather becomes a real issue. 😊🙏

Well I feel pleased to find someone who likes the winter as well. I thought it was just me and my son! All these people who don’t like the winter are missing a trick. That conjures up such a lovely image of a dark day, people scurrying around and lights reflecting on the road. Sitting in the window cosy and warm. Sounds ideal.

It reminds me of the painting. Light through the rain


Ali 😊

What a great post and quote.

I love every aspect of our changing weather. The rainy or cold days are for cosy times at home, or meeting friends for coffee or lunch . Sunshine promotes the feeling - I've got to get out there! As for snow, I love it's beauty and I turn into an excited child again. Two sledges hang in my garage. I might be aged 69, but the child in me lives on.

You know what I think? There may be no such thing as bad weather (I'm inclined to agree), but there is definitely such a thing as being wrongly dressed for the weather you're encountering, and that is not only not much fun much of the time, but even potentially life-threatening in some situations!

So I think the thing is to make sure you're appropriately dressed so you can enjoy whatever the weather throws at us!

And another thing, when it blows hot and cold with sharp falls and rises of temperature from one day to the next, that can be quite a complex business. I remember when I had to commute while living in London, and I would usually have a collapsible umbrella in my handbag and I would carry one or more extra layers of clothing as well as wearing sensible shoes. Sometimes this meant carrying heels for the office, so no wonder my handbag used to be the size of a kitchen sink!

Every time I have to go into London (now I no longer live there) for a meeting or something like that, there is so much to carry, just to be sure of handling whatever the weather might have in store!

I've never heard of that one before. I'm going to be honest, I don't like the rain but agree we obviously need it and do not like the Winter at all as I'm definitely a Spring/Summer person when the days are longer and it's warmer.

You couldn't have put it any better! There something to be said about our British weather..... "changeable",


I just like weather extremes of all kinds.

We visited the UK during winter and had a great time. People thought we were nuts to go then. It was so much fun.

There was only one day that was a little chilly for the clothes we brought.

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MidoriVisually impaired

I tend to agree, being another with a duff internal thermostat!

Weather affects my moods, so today, where it is windy but sunny, I am quite content to be inside but looking out on a bright day, and I feel uplifted by the sunlight. I may have to go around the bungalow banging in more tent pegs to stop it taking off!;)

On grey and/or rainy days, I get down and grumpy, grey days give me grey moods.

Rain I prefer not to go out in, as I stiffen up quite quickly.

I used to love snow, but now it is painful to go out in the cold, not to mention dangerous to us., especially if you live on a hill, as I do.

Spring, summer and Autumn are all lovely in their own ways.

Bad weather is subjective, it depends on the person. My son loves the colder weather, whereas I prefer the warmer.

For me, bad weather is destructive weather, floods, Tsunamis, tornadoes, wildfires Volcano eruptions, and the weather they bring.

Cheers, Midori

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Callendersgal in reply to Midori

Thanks Midori, great to get your view! 😊

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